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  1. I have read the harvesting an curing stickys I was just wondering is this plant done has started swelling all week, hairs are changing colors an some are receding. also growing lemon kush but I know it's nowhere near being done pics are in just bc growing in the same spot an any tips for drying small amounts

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  2. No way to tell from those pictures but my guess is not close. Grab a jloup from rads shack !
  3. Clean off ur camera lens and retake pics. Also, you still have a bit to wait. I'm super new to this but I'm sure you can find the thread on monitoring the trychs with a jewelers loop that will let you know when you should harvest. But from what I gathered, ur "hairs" are gonna change colors throughout flowering (some change a lot depending on the genetics its got hidden) and its hard to judge the harvest window from just the "hairs" (called pistils). Focus on trychome size, density, and color. And good luck!
  4. I have a jewerler loupe I checked trichomes they are still clear about 20% cloudy, An shitty iPhone 4 camera doesn't get any better than that sorry just lookin for that body high don't kno when that is with tricks an do I check the leafs or buds themselves when checkin for trichome color
  5. If you want the body high, you're going for mostly amber trychs. I'm not too sure on which trychs specifically but I would assume the nugs themselves, since that's what ur ingesting. Trim is useless unless ur doing hash (which u absolutely should) so it won't matter what the trychs are doing on the leaves u won't ingest. cloudy trychs are head high, mostly amber is body, all amber is couchlock.

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