White Bugs?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cody3, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. I have these little white bugs crawling all over my top soil and its pissing me off cuz i dont know what they are or how to kill them.... My friend said they might be baby gnats or something but its pissing me off... they are all white and just crawl around real slow... they arent on my plant at all just in my soil... and i dont want a bunch of bugs crawlin around my room or something if they move from the plant...

    Any idea to kill them or tell me what they are please write :(
  2. Are these like small small snake like things that pop out and in of the soil?
    Kinda like those you find in animal excrements if the animal is infected?
    That would be bad! Burrowers with pathogens S**K

    Are you sure there's nothing on the stem and leaves?
  3. Yea there is nothing on the stems or leaves its only little white bugs... they are not worms or anything... they are little what looks like microscopic beetles or something its pissing me off lol
  4. I'd say gnats (not so white) or white flies.
    But in that case you should see small insect fly around.

    Tap the pot to see if something 'takes off'....

    I don't know if there are any good posts on this forum about how to deal with them but :


    This one is pretty good!
  5. Uhhh, is it safe to assume you did check the BOTTOM of the leaves?
    Can you get some pics?
  6. look under your leaves, make sure they arent ravaging your plant.

    Hopefully you dont have spider mites.

    Crush up plenty of garlic in water and water your plant with it, the bugs will go away.
  7. sounds like spider mites to me dude, either spray your plant dopwn with gralic water or get spider mite solution from any gardening store. around 20 bucks
  8. i think they were gnats or something... cuz all of a sudden i seen these little black fly like things flyin around... but i just threw the fuckin plant outside.... fuckin bugs... time to kick down some clones and start fresh :)
  9. When starting freshly think about this :

    -those gnats, worms, mites or so came from some place they didn't 'spawn' there in the pot.

    It may be best to first try a few SPIDERs. I've saved plant with those friendly predators before. Nature in balance and all that.

    Ofcourse you could go all tech and try this :


    I prefer the spiders for it's a better solution to the problem I think but I have both.
  10. you got fungus gnats get some neem oil and dont water ur plants so much they like soggy soil.
  11. Thnx yea i noticed they like the soil when i watered it :( assholes lol... thats what i figured was i had some sort of gnat... but i just tossed the plant out in my backyard so its okay if the gnats are back there i could care less as long as they dont eat my plant ;)
  12. i have these little white bugs as well. What do you have to look at for to tell what type of bug it is and get rid of it?
  13. Come on dude, read my posts.
    You only have to scroll up on this page!

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