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  1. Hi Guys and Girls,

    I have a plant doing quite well after 4 weeks. The top is looking good with lots of buds starting. I noticed this morning two leaves at the bottom of the plant have started going yellow around the edges! The top canopy is fine. I thought I would check the base for the pot and when I lifted it there were 100s of little microscopic white bugs swimming about!! I have flushed the soil and cleaned the base. But I wondered what they migh be. If I have posted in the wrong place apologies newbie today.


  2. Well, sounds like larva or something
  3. Thanks pal I have now flushed her out and put stones in the bottom of tray holding the pot - hope this cures it - thank you for your reply.
  4. Look for snall little white dots on the leaves, if you find any look on the under side of the leaf if there's those small little white things then you have spider mites.

    They look like this.

    There tiny and will decimate your whole crop within days, if you see them or think you might have them then get some neem oil and spray your plant with it.
  5. Thank you for your response Skunkey Monkey - I have not checked yet but I will do shortly - can I get neem oil from a garden centre? thank you
  6. Yes you can, well at least you should be able to, it's all natural and is the best thing to use oh and i should of mentioned ONLY use in the evening or else it wont do any good it avaporates in the sun so if yo use in the evening it will kill all of the bugs and will be off your crop.

    You can use it on buds as well but i try to avoid it.

    If your local shop doesn't do neem oil here is some


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