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  1. HIGH All, it's been awhile since bringing you All into my room.

    Plus it's been a long time since having just WB in my room and does it feel good.

    Four WB are in Bubble Buckets and three are in a soilless mix (Sunshine Mix#4). Ran out of Nutrilife's "B" for the BB's so I started useing Fox Farm's Organic liguid fert and the roots in the BB's were going brown. This has never happened with Nutrilife's fert....went out and bought some "B" and things are back on track again. So just the girls in the soilless mix are being fed the Organic fert.

    First one of the BB's

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  2. HIGH All, the roots.

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  3. HIGH All, one of the girls that are being fed the Fox Farm.

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  4. HIGH All, well the girls have been on 12/12 for 5 days now and mmmmmmmm are they getting stinky.

    White Bud clone which gets better with age.

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  5. HIGH All, White Bud x White Widow Crystal+ which is being fed Fox Farm fert.

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  6. HIGH All, and All the little gaffers together.

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  7. im always impress with your plants results.. seem, like your leaves alway gets huge as f*ck.. cant wait too see your plant flowering...and offcourse your hash product....
  8. HIGH All, I know where your coming from 420 Shade I can't wait either even after growing for 20+ yrs. This grow will be a killer..hairs are starting and they are sucking up the nutes like no tommorrow.

    The leaves I know....never grown anything like this plant and we've grow mega strains..it's why we've kept her since the late 90's and she shows no signs of slowing down.
  9. HIGH All, I'm a very private person who loves his privacy..chances are you'd never know what your neighbors are up to. The City lets me mmmmm reach out and inform growers on our sacred plant, which I'd never be able to do in aahhh real life.
  10. HIGH All, bored so I thought I'd post a couple more pics.

    wait till you see this baby 6 weeks from now.

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  11. HIGH All, the Fox Farm fed WWC+xWB

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  12. Those are some great looking plants... I have to get my camera working again so I can post a few of mine!!
  13. man those look great. Their f*ckin huge! how many watts are you runnin to grow some beasts like that?
  14. That last pic....wow, that plant is beautiful!

  15. HIGH All, thanks All....at the moment it's 600w HPS....1000w HPS will be hooked up on the weekend.
  16. HIGH All, the WB is still growing up...she should stop any day now. The girls are still sucking up about 2Liters a day.

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  17. HIGH All, top Bud of the WWC+xWB...she's loving the Fox Farm.

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  18. It's amazing how great they smell!!!!!! They look good as well!

    looks like it won't be long before you will be smoking some of that bud... I hope it taste as good as it looks!!
  19. HIGH All, yes it smokes real good BH...second time growing the WWC+xWB...I'll be germing some more to get another great male (fingers crossed) to pollinate a WB.

    Bored...so I took another pic to show the size of the WB's leaves.

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  20. That looks to be a fairly large plant..

    Do you get a large quanity of buds??

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