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White ash / Black ash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Greenberryjnr, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. black ash- folk are saying the buds have not been flushed thoroughly, leaving traces of chemicals/nutes + poor curing leaving chlorophyll within the bud matter, when smoked give black ash.
    Why when smoking a cigarette.. full of chemicals, do you still get white ash?

    Smoking until you've completed combusted the bud will burn from a state of charred to black to grey to grey/white. Agreed

    But I still somewhat agree with having chemicals still in the buds would alter the colour, certainly affect the quality, the way it burnt and taste for sure.

    I will have to pick some buds from the plant now, dry/cure for 2weeks and light one up to see if it not being flushed at all would give me a discolouration to the ash

    Post up a reply soon as it's ready
  2. My guess is it depends what you feed. I've mostly used Canna in coco and feed up until harvest don't need to flush, still get fluffy white ash but then I dry for approx 5 days then cure for around 3 weeks.

    But saying that I've also harvested buds from plants early (2-3 weeks before harvest) while feeding Canna and when they dry can still smoke without curing, just the ash isn't as fluffy and white all over, but it's still not mostly dark black or solid and hard to flick off like some bad bud I've picked up in the past.
  3. IMHO No flush can but not necessarily cause no burn. where the end of joint puts itself out after every toke.

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