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Whiskey's California [Medical] Dreaming Pickup Thread, Macros, Reviews and Other Pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by whiskey, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Alright guys, here we go again. I am going to be putting my reviews on, so each strain, along with the pictures each strain will have a few short lines about it and then a link to the further review.

    I am also going to be including other pictures in here as well, if they are appropriate, from my weekend adventures with the herb.

    I hope you guys enjoy!

    This month, so far you can expect Mr. Nice, Blue Dream, Sex and Sour Bubble Berry, along with pictures and reviews of Nightshade Kief, THC pills, high grade shake and various other things.

    So I hope you guys enjoy!

    [Since I flooded Chubbs with all my old reviews, I'm going to post my Mr. Nice to hold you guys over so he can get caught up]

    Mr. Nice [organic]
    From: Grassroots [Dispensary, San Francisco]
    Grade: C-, because of the negative experience
    Type: Indica hybrid
    Price: $40/8th
    Looks: The buds themselves were dark green and surprisingly heavy given how fluffy they look to the eye. They were covered in orange hairs and sprinkled with purple. The buds burn evenly and hit smoothly.
    Smell: Slightly like citrus with lemon undertones.
    Taste: The taste is very light, as though there is no taste at all other than a slightly sweet after taste.
    Buzz Type: Relaxing body stone, with some thought disturbances.
    Buzz Length: 2-3 hours.
    Overall: This strain gave me a strong body high with very foggy thoughts. Immediately after hitting the bong I became uncoordinated, discombobulated and confused. It was almost impossible to imagine that I would be able to successfully complete any task, including walking to the kitchen, packing another bowl or even turning on the TV. My muscles were so relaxed that they would not respond appropriately to the tasks at hand and I experienced a very strong couch lock.

    The immediate overwhelming body high wore off within thirty minutes and left me with a much more mellow, relaxing high where I was free to be alone with my own thoughts. The high turned highly introspective, and it was hard to comprehend any outside influences or anything else that could have been going on, I was only able to concentrate on the feelings and thoughts that were going through my mind. I would simply ignore things being said to me and comment on the things that I was thinking about.

    For me it was not surprising when the high headed south. For some reason the budtenders don't always seem to believe me when I describe some of the experiences I have from certain strains [increased paranoia from a heavy indica] and convince me to try strains that won't be right for me anyway. I know that some of my experiences are shared as my friend and I, who smoke the same strains, when we are high. Please don't get me wrong, the high was very relaxing, every muscle in my body felt stretched out and completely relaxed, but the emotional side of the high was depressing, dark and occasionally even frightening.

    This strain also increased my sense of vision and hearing, which in turn added to my paranoia. Now not only was I paranoid by the thoughts that were running through my mind, but my increased senses caused me to jump at every unknown sound and notice every change in lighting. In the end, I spend too much time focused on what I was hearing and seeing and convincing myself not to be frightened that I did not go to experience the upside from this high at all.

    Once the paranoia and negative effects passed, as it grew closer to the two hour mark, my body was relaxed enough that it overwhelmed my mind with the need for sleep. I did have a pleasant sleep, and while I could recommend this strain for someone who was experiencing insomnia or minor body aches, I will personally avoid smoking this strain again as it is just not for me.






  2. Nobody tonight?
  3. I love your other threads, and this one is no exception :smoke:

    Sorry about the bad experience :(
  4. Thank you!

    It's ok, it happens sometimes. Rarely, but it does.
  5. Yeah, sometimes I can have depressing thoughts while high, but I try to keep those to a minimal
  6. looks so good, did you just smoke it once? i can't imagine bud that dank would suck that hard lol
  7. eh, not bad. looks okay.

    $40 an eighth for that dank ass shit are u kiddin me?! u gotta be out ur pot smokin mind, fuckin crazy deal!

  8. Nope, I smoked it more than once. When I have an experience that is so negative and had no outside causes other than the weed, it's more important than the good parts of it and I think people should know about that.

    It wasn't always bad, I did note the highlights in the review, I think I mentioned how relaxing it was and I mentioned how a heavier indica can frequently make me paranoid, expecially when the proportions aren't right [for me] with the hybrid of the two types.

    I'm not denying it wasn't a great deal and damn, it's just so beautiful, but it didn't do it's medicinal purpose for me, so I can't write a great review.
  9. Dem's sum tasty lookin' nuggets thar
  10. Thanks homie. I'd rather grow like you than have to spend so much money on my buds!
  11. Last bump for the night. The purple is worth looking at.
  12. where in SF is this place located, ive always wanted to try Mr Nice.
  13. Post + Polk
    1077 Post, right off Van Ness.
  14. Looks like some good shit, sorry for the bad experience though. I've heard nothing but good things about this strain up until now.
  15. haha yeah i know, i was just kiddin. $40 could only get you ~1.6g of that over here.
  16. Yep, me too. But I had a feeling, especially when at first the budtender suggested a strain that I had a very similar experience with and I said no thank you and told him why and he pulled this out - but I don't think that he was listening to what I was saying or had been able to put together any similar feelings [not negative, I mean similar highs] between the two strains - or lets be honest, he just didn't care.

    I'm very particular with my strains, and I know which ones I don't like. The experience has only happened to me once before with Big Bud and the Big Bud was worse.
  17. I'm glad to see your Feb. thread is up, and i am excited to read all your upcoming reviews this month!I can tell you spend a lot of time writing your reviews they are very thorough and easy to understand. I've been doing a lot of research lately on finding a specific strain to meet my medicinal needs for anxiety and depression. Sorry to hear about your bad experience though, it happens to me all the time the way my anxiety is.

  18. I love herb that knocks me on my ass to the point where I'm unable to function. Prolly cuz I only smoke at night though and for recreational purposes. The blueberry that I grew before had people I smoked out feeling retarded for days, haha. Can't wait to see how potent my morning glory will be.
  19. Dude im stoked for your new thread!:hello: The Mr. Nice does look very.. well.. nice, but im sorry about the bad experience. Just curious, but im guessing that you don't do psychedelics? :smoke:

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