Whiskey tincture question

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  1. I blended 43% or 86proof whiskey with about 2g 4hrs ago and its been sitting since
    apparently if you have really high proof (like 180+ like everclear) then even 10 minutes is enough
    i wanna drink it tonight really bad
    but do u think itll be better to be patient and wait a couple weeks, and just smoke tonight?
    thanks guys
  2. That sounds like a massive waste of weed to me
  3. and why is that?
  4. I have no idea what was on that person's mind when they posted that, however if you try to use a tincture before it's done, you just wasted the weed that you used to make the tincture. So, don't use it. But since you didn't tell us how you made it, it's possible that you already wasted the weed and it doesn't matter what you do.
  5. Did you decarb your weed first?
    A higher proof alcohol like Everclear takes much longer than 10 minutes.
    At this point I would look at what you have done and look at the weed you used as a loss for now if not decarbed. I think you should just let it sit in the darkfor a couple of weeks, give it a Daily vigorous shake and drink after 2 weeks or so. Maybe it will hit you.

    Next time look at Psams tincture thread or find a recipe that involves boiling the alcohol and decarbed weed . I use a double boiler method myself. Kicks my ass quite nicely
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  6. .
    decarbed 160 micron dry ice kief.. Decarbed Bud will work just fine,,
    2 grams kief
    2 ounces high proof drinking grade grain alcohol..
    2 droppers in your beverage to start off with..
    Shake well before use.. You could strains the hash bits out after mixing but I don't mind them and I'm lazy.
    Decarb = 40 to 60 minutes at 220-240 degrees F.. Covered dish, sealed foil pouch, Oven grade cooking bag like for a roast or turkey..
    The higher the proof alcohol you can use the better.. 151 is the best I can get in California..
    Ready as soon as it's blended.. Alcohol is an excellent solvent for THC and works very fast..
    Now if your working with weed some different rules apply.. Work it like making QWISO.. Freeze the weed after decarbing and freeze the alcohol.. Work fast and just rinse your weed with the everclear and then toss the weed after straining.. You really don't want all the waxes and chlorophyll that a long soak will bring.. Your after the high not all that green plant matter..

    Read on the Golden Dragon.. What I do is a modified Golden Hash Dragon..

  7. ill give it a try. would you recommend this over just making plain cannabutter?

    and to everyone else, it was a flop

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