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Whiskey dick while super high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PsychoTheRapist, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. So no joke, I went out with my chick the other day, had a nice dinner, watched a romantic movie, yada yada yada, point is she was driving her car and I drove mine and I met up with her at my house for a quickie, problem was that I got there first and smoked a fat bowl of some new shit from my local dispensary. I was gone...I mean I could still move, but there was no way I could focus and I felt kind faint, like passing out, so anyways, I nodded it off and proceeded with my lady to you know, have some sexy time. I had no problem getting it up, but I couldn't keep it up, we usually turn on the tv to make some noise, but I turned it off, I even turned off the lights so I couldn't focus on random things, but I still couldn't finish. My girl got off no problem since I just ate her out for 30 mins. ( I honestly went 30 mins non stop and I didn't stop to stretch my jaw or nothing) so getting back to my point, does anyone out there do the same when you smoke too much?
  2. never had the problem of not staying focused, but sometimes i dont feel like doing any work to get off so i just have her blow me
  3. Yeahh it happens.....a side effect of weed is low libido(sex drive)
  4. Yeah... Ain't proud to say its happened
  5. ^^^ yah low jobs are nice high
  6. the only reason you would be having trouble keeping your erection up is because of weed-induced anxiety. trust me, the only reason you should be having erection problems is because something is causing momentary stress. i have experienced it before sober and stoned TWICE. not a very fun concept

    i smoked a fat bowl with my girlfriend who i hadn't seen in a while and our relationship was fairly fucked up at the time. i thought it would be fine, having the plan to be stoned and have sex with her. unfortunately, i got very stoned very fast, and i felt a bit uneasy about it. i knew i was stoned and i could calm myself down. the thing that was currently bothering me was the pressure to have sex with someone that i didn't have much feelings for anymore. it felt unnatural. that, and the fact that i usually have sex sober

    it took me a bit to calm down because she helped me with it. we both felt a little better. i couldn't get it up in the beginning, even being thoroughly aroused. i even had trouble maintaining my erection mostly throughout it, which she forgave me for. the thing with erection problems is your self-esteem gets lowered if someone is unforgiving. luckily i was with someone who would not judge me about it. i got into it and it felt a lot better. i usually have AMAZING SEX with her sober, yet weed always seems to fuck with me in that sense
  7. I feel you, (not literally), we've been together 5 years and she just keeps getting hotter, so her turning me on is a no brained but damn that sucked when I couldn't bust a nut, I think I need to practice while high
  8. Haha, I don't know man. I've had the problem of prematurely busting when I was gettin' sexy with a lady and was high, but that was cause I thought myself into it. I've never thought myself into not bein' able to keep it hard, cause when I'm with a fine women I just wanna plow them and the thought high is so much better, so I'm all in.

    But, on a serious note, I believe it really is just all in your head. Subconsciously, the thought of not being able to keep it up got into your mind, and once it happened, it started a loop. If I'm real high and havin' sex with a chick, and I think I'm doin' great and could go all day, I will. But if - even for a second - the thought of it feeling too good and me going to bust soon comes in my head, it WILL happen. I'll just lose control and totally finish.

    So, I kind of can relate. It happens, bro.
  9. Never happens to me, ever.
  10. I've never had the problem but it could be lots of things, anxiety can cause problems while SOBER so of course while you're super high the risk is increased. As we all know it just takes one little thing to make you uncomfortable (and for that matter one little thing to make it switch right back) while super high, so it could just be that. Was the problem you couldn't feel it or just couldn't cum? or were trying to fuck her with a gummy worm lol?
  11. I think weed can give you low blood pressure (especially if you are skinny like me) Sometimes when high with my gf I cant get hard but if I do I last seriously almost forever.

  12. iv always heard it was the opisite. that it makes you horny.
  13. It's happened.. not proud of it but it has.
  14. ^same here. With me i think it's because my gf doesn't like that I smoke so much so I'm stressed about hiding that from her. It really sucks though because SHE gets all insecure about it like "oh you don't think I'm attractive" and I feel super shitty because I can't tell her that it's just because I'm blasted. I always end up saying something lame like "idk that just happens sometimes" or "I guess I'm just too tired"
  15. I doubt it was the weed but it's cool cause it's happened to me too lol. Dont worry about it.
  16. #16 PsychoTheRapist, Aug 17, 2011
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    Bitches always say shit like that
  17. never happened to me, but i've never had sex when i was super baked. pretty baked sure but not super stoned.
  18. I don't know what people are saying about low libidos and being high, but I get horny as fuck when I blaze. I can fuck for hours.

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