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  1. Any of u guys ever huffed a can of whip cream? it fucks u up for like 20 seconds pretty bad, ya its a fuckin dumb ass thing to do but so most drugs. Anyways, if u guys wanna try it buy a can of whip cream, dont tilt it upside down so the cream comes out but face it straight up and just inhale all the nitrous. Theres no to really describe it but my buddies work at safeway and they take like 24 packs of whip cream and huff em on break lol..

    Even tho this is reallllly stupid its funny my buddy was like "Yo lets huff some cans and go cliffjumping" lol.. wow how much of a rush would that be

  2. Here comes some knowledge:

    and here's some more

    You should always research and know all you possibly can before putting a new drug or substance into your body.[/SIZE]
  3. Rasta Man sayeth:

    Bitch you gon' die :wave:
  4. hahah i know what it does, its horrible for u and dangerous, but iv only really huffed twice, and im done with it, but on the other hand iv told my buddy to stop but i dunno i guess he really likes it.. stupid eh?
  5. i dont know about the whip cream cans but nitrous isnt very dangerous if you arent stupid with it. as long as you do it right, yea its gonna kill some brain cells, but nothing major, and doesnt almost everything thats fun kill braincells? you just have to make sure you not breathing it directly from a high pressure environment because the sudden decrease in pressure causes it to get really cold and like the thing said it can freeze you. and if you get too many lungfuls of something thats not oxygen without getting any oxygen no matter what it is its not good for you. just dont over do it
  6. funny thing is they sell whip its at our headshop
  7. haha yea i do that everytime i notice a new can in the fridge.
  8. I hate nitrous dioxide...anything that emulates it's analgesic effects, I hate as well, so I guess that includes ALL opiates. I think Nitrous Oxide is a volatile chemical, and let's be realy here, hardly any one that uses nitrous is responsible about it...they are just looking for a quick cheap high, and the high only lasts a few seconds, after it is exhaled. I refuse to accept it at the dentist office, if I ever have any procedures done. The sweet smell of it, just makes me sick, and renders me to vomiting. It's a worthless, useless, distastful, short lived, thing that people need not use.
  9. Aw damn man,... me and my buddy got two dozen whippets the other day and sat down behind some bar in a back alley and cracked open and took every single one. At one point alllll the colours just merged together and when i stood up to take a piss in the corner. Well, it felt really good. Personally I'd say it's a waste of money but everyone should try it once. I spent like $40 on a cracker and a carton of whippets and thick balloon to inhale it from.

    Would of rather of gotten an eighth obviously but... eh, you learn.
  10. u used a baloon? i took it straight from the can, any difference?
  11. I'd always thought Nitrous to be very safe, and it is from what I've heard. Every time I go to the dentist I crank that NOS up hard. I love that NOS feeling. But yeah i usually put it in a balloon then just huff on the balloon for a while.

    People sell the balloons at concerts and yo ucan always tell it's NOS because they don't float up because of the helium, because there is none. So there's a balloon guy walking around with a bunch of limp balloons it's hilarious.
  12. Yes, read all the information i post for you. :rolleyes:
  13. i thought you were talkin about the car lol
  14. i tryed it once but do you hve to inhale the whole can? in one lungfull or what?
  15. hey, i know this is an old thread but does anyone remember if they gave me +rep in this thread?

    "nice job with the quote edit things. you shopuld take out the edit one tho lol"

    if so speak up
  16. Pretty baked and I seriously LOLed....hilarious
  17. and just reading over this thread reminded me, theres probabaly a can up there :)
  18. :laughing: :bongin: I :love: R_M!

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