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  1. These tings are crazy me is so fucked up I love u all weed and whippets the DOUBLE DOUBLE Us perfext together plus beer mother fucekers!!!!!!!!
  2. The buzz from whippets dont last very long tho, just like a few minutes. its like doing nitro but weaker. But good fun while it last.
  3. Yep, I believe whippets are just nitrous oxide..... good ol' laughing gas.

    It's the same as the propellant in those cans of aerosol whipped cream.

    Generally aerosol cans use propane and butane as propellant (so much better than CFC-12, don cha know?). Can you imagine how your whipped cream would taste and smell if it was puffed up with that.

    Althooooooough.... it would make a neat fireworks show...
  4. whippets are crazy man
  5. whippets rule but be careful...the lack of oxygen to your brain can be a dangerous situation.
    fuck it though, whippets are bomb
  6. My friends and I call it hippie crack. ;>

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