whipped cream can nitrous

Discussion in 'General' started by clintonwelding1, May 3, 2006.

  1. how exactly do i use a whipped cream can to get high?
  2. Hold it upright and let the gas out and inhale.
  3. dont you have to mix it with oxygen or something?
  4. Well yeah you should make sure you get enough air. You dont want to pass out.
  5. baby fry wants a zima! just inhale the nos!
  6. Just hyperventilate before you take your hit and don't hold it too long.
  7. how many breaths do i have to take to get high and will i be able to fall asleep?
  8. also what are long term effects if i do it once or twice a week? and also if i use nitro can i also use dxm?
  9. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/nitrous/nitrous.shtml

    there should be the answer to many of your questions.

    to sum up the health rammifications:

  10. its not something you should get into on a weekly basis. For me it lasted about 2 minutes. Slurping the newly un-wipped cream was more of a delight than the actual "High":cool:

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