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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by XiaoGG, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Deer ganja gods, never been so high :yummy:

    I'm sure there are a few threads on this but seriously, try it if you haven't. Just pop the screen out of your whip and poor in some 91%+ Iso, wash it around till all the oil on the walls of the whip is dissolved and poor out onto a plate. Shit will send you to the moon.
  2. shit i thought i was gonna be actually whipping some isohash. thought someone had figured it all out hahahaha

    daammmmiiiitttttt. still all good tho.
  3. Why would you want to whip iso hash?
    The only thing I do to mine is let it air evap and then I press it together in some parchment paper and freeze it. Turns out to be some good close to shatter quality

  4. ...to get all the nasty stuff out that i dont wanna smoke hahaha, it doesnt 100% dry when evaped with just air. either way.
    i do the same as you and enjoy the fuck out of it.
  5. If you put it under a few fans, it will :p
    I've never had any alcohol left over in it, or water moisture.
    Either way, QWISO over BHO any day.
  6. Did my whip/wand 2 weeks ago OP.

    Got this. Did you take any pics?

  7. That looks pretty tasty, I have to say.
    How long/how much bud did it take for that much to build up you figure?
    Enjoy that b-e-a-utiful hash :)

  8. Well I had scraped the wand earlier in the week but it started getting mildly oily so I Iso washed it when I did my whip just to add volume.

    The whip itself hadn't been cleaned in probably 4 months or so. I dyed my whip purple so it's kind of hard for me to see when it's 'dirty' but I can totally see the oil inside on the outer edges usually. Near the wand/near the mouthpiece is where most of my oil accumulates.


    Had to do it since I was running low on smoke haha. I'll be scraping my wand tomorrow or Friday until I can pickup on Saturday. I'm down to about a gram - 1.5 :eek:

    But I'm a daily SSV'er, so it was probably around an ounce total vaped - maybe more I'm not really sure.
  9. Very nice SSV setup you got there :)
    I was wondering how you managed to dye your whip? And is it really safe you thing to be inhaling vapour through it? If there is a tutorial it would be greatly appreciated.

    Can't wait until I have vaped enough through it for hash to form. Well, I can see it actually already is :p
    Enjoy that hash once again :)

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