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while in the car

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bandie, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. so my friend decided to invite me to smoke pot with them
    for my first time.
    its gonna be me, him, and some girl.
    the girl is driving
    and they both want to smoke while in the car.
    ive never had pot; so i dont know what it will do....

    is it really unsafe to drive while high?
    should i avoid this, or go ahead.

    and by the way, i live in mass. if that changes anything.
    and there is two cops in my town; who are NEVER out.
  2. it should be fine
  3. go for it bro, but if you feel unsafe at all just ask to slow down, head back, etc.
  4. You should be just fine, most people can drive while high but if you really feel uncomfortable just dont go with them. Whatever happens just keep in mind that no one has ever died from smoking weed and if something weird is happening that makes you scared (doubt it will happen) just sit back, relax, and enjoy it because it is nothing serious.
  5. yeah my first time we smoked outside of the car but then my friend drove me home and i was fine. i personally am a better driver when high if that helps you any
  6. your first time should be in a place u feel comfortable in doing so. I drive fine high tho
  7. thankssssss!
  8. np man. have fun. make sure to come back and tell us how it was.
  9. weed doesn't fuck up your driving. I personally drive better when im high..

    weed doesn't fuck you up like alcohol
  10. You'll be fine, take some back road. SMOKE RIDE! I love them.
    I live in a one horse town, most roads are rural & gravel and travel far out with no houses for miles. I've had some of my best smoking experience on the road.
  11. Its more risky from gettin pulled over than a car crash or something. Driving high is like this. Some people get distracted by everything and get real caught up in there mind. Other people get VERY focused on driving and become better, its really down to the person. I drive high all the time, as long as I focus on the road I am as good if not better than sober.

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