While cleaning my room I found doodles from Gr. 10

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by LHiver, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Thought I'd share them :)

  2. wow 10th grade? thats pretty fuckin cool, whats it say in the top pic

  3. I think it's a part of the song 1stp klosr by Linkin Park on their reanimation album, Jonathan Davis's verse

    "These are the places where I can feel torn from my body
    My flesh, it peels during this ride we can cut upwhat we like
    I'm about to break
    Waiting alone, I cannot resist
    Feeling this hate, I have never missed
    Please, someone, give me a reason to rip off my face"

    I don't think I wrote the lyrics correctly though lol.
  4. Wow those are both really cool! :)

    I really like the first one!
  5. extraordinary, i mean that bro!
  6. Damn man those are really cool! I like art like that.
  7. the second one is awesome! i love your psychedelic imagination, my friend :smoke:
  8. Thanks everyone :)
  9. dayum, i wish i had talent like that. Or any kind of talent for that matter, im pretty useless :(

  10. There must be something your good at. When I was 4 I sucked at drawing, but I just kept on doing it anyways and I thought myself. I wish I could play an instrument though.

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