While buying visine the other day...

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  1. Me and my buddy punched a few cones the other and after realizing our eyes were as red as the devils dick we went to go buy visine at a corner store close by. anyway i went in grabber some dr.pepper and kit kat then ask for the visine wich is behind the counter i pay for it and there is a black guy (i live in a small Canadian city so there is like no black people) who was doing something behind the counter was like " ya moms still gonna know" with a smile on his face. Me and my buddy busted our ass laughing. I also saw my boss on the way back and was to ripped to talk.

    Hopes this is funny im mad stoned right now
  2. [​IMG]
    dont know how this relates but it will help.
  3. I once walked into a dollar store and asked an employee where I could find soda, chips, and eyedrops. He just laughed and helped me find everything.
  4. I love going into stores high when im not riding dirty.

    I just go in and im like HELP HELP I NEED HELP!!! Then im like, where are the chips and soda isle even though they show me everytime i go there. LOL.

    When they show me i freak out at the crazy chips they have. Ill be standing there and see someone in the other isle and ill be like, WOAH FUCKING COOL RANCH DORITOS! I SHOULD GET THESE SPICY AND COOL RANCH ONES! SPICY WITH RANCH TO COOL IT! freaking out and what not.
  5. This is absolutely hilarious. :hello:
  6. LMAO

    i gotta try that type of shit
  7. lol funny, just buying visine boost our confidence to make us feel like were trying to not look high
  8. Gotta go with Rhoto

    The burn is like an extra high on your eye for a couple minutes. :cool:
  9. I remember my first drop of rhotos, I thought my friend filled the bottle up with water from our local pool!
  10. haha, what city?
  11. When I don't have eyedrops, I open my eyes underwater in a chlorinated pool, and they always go white.

    Yes I serious, and no I don't know it doesn't just make them more red. Part of an old job I had include supervising some pools, would always just go to the edge and stick my head in after blazing, eyes were always white, and in the summer it's refreshing as hell.
  12. hahahah! not only is that fantastic to hear because that's new to me but just picturing you do the bold part would be hilarious to witness:smoke:
  13. I love my corner store. I can get papers, lighters, eye drops, and drinks/snacks all in one go. The guy just laughs at me when I get all that stuff together, it's great
  14. why do people buy visine anyway.

    all you have to do is smoke weed for a year or two so your eyes dont get red when you toke.

    works for me.

  15. Or just not give a fuck that they're red.

    Unless people are hiding it, in that case, move out please.

  16. Umm not usually the case. School, work, anywhere out in public. Sometimes people feel sketched out if their eyes are red and dont want to face discrimination

  17. Whatever dude, maybe for some...ive smoked for right around ten years and my eyes still get red after a nice session
  18. op thats fuckin funny
  19. I have a little store 5 blocks away from me, and I pig out there almost everytime I have chance. The store employee actually knows I'm high and I even tell him, he just laughs at me and says "was it good"?


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