Which Zodiac Signs Smoke The Most? (Poll)

Discussion in 'General' started by GanJASkunk420, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I'm curious to find out the answer! I'm a Leo and have a friend who smokes a lot and is a Leo too. 

  2. Pisces checkin in!
  3. Capricorn!!!
  4. Taurus-the first day of it is 420 :stoner:
  5. Sag

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  6. Gemini stoner here  :wave:
  7. pisces yo. 
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    Sorry if your not apart of the Taurus group. I know people who wish they were born a Taurus, just cuz its the best one. We actually have monthly parties that none of the other signs know about. I also heard that no Libras smoke marijuana.
  9. Libra right here what's good
  10. Virgo smoker.
  11. PISCES!!!!!!  :bongin:
  12. Cancer. But why is this poll the kind where you can give mulitple answers, like with a checkmark, instead of the single answer only dot/circle one.
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  14. [: Leo over here.
  15. Capricorn. Damn there are a lot of Leo's on here.
  16. Virgo, and i seem to smoke more than anyone i know....hmmm

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