which would you rather do during school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. next tuesday i have the choice of going to school either on 20mg capsules of adderal XR (i currently have 3 capsules, so thats 60mg) or i have a 20mg oxycontin. which should i do before school? which would you rather do?
  2. *cough* *Cough* Druggy* lol hmmm i wouldent do either but if i had to choose id say wich ever gets you more fucked up .
  3. take the adderalls...they'll give you the ability to focus and kick ass at school work...an oxy let alone one thats only 20mgs wont do much, it'll most likely just zone you out when you should be doin shit in class

  4. *cough cough judgemental ASSHOLE*

    ya the adderal does sound nice, but then again ive never had a good oxy buzz, let alone an opiate buzz, and the classes i take arent too hard. TY for the opinion though. still have yet to make my decision- it might come down to me juts taking whatever i still have left on tuesday
  5. well the oxy sounds like a lower dosage...are you sure its oxycontin not oxycodone?...if it truly is contin then crush the pill and snort it for best effect. It'll detroy the time release mechanism in the pills thus allowing you to get all 20mgs at once...just a thought...not that i condone going to school under the influence, but hey drastic times call for drastic measures
  6. ya nubbin im sure they are oxycontin.
  7. i'd go for the adderal as well... no drag in school, plus it would look less obvious as you wouldn't look as messed up.... just some thoughts on being safe...:)

  8. whoo tell me about it...I cashed my personal supply (eight 20mg addies) all in the span of a single night (LAST night)....I just love waking up in the morning with this overwhelming hangover-ish sensation brought on by having drained my entire months supply of endorphines in a night...

    i dont know your guys' personal takes on insufflation, but im tellin ya, both these drugs will stretch much further than if just taken orally....but then again if you're not comfortable with snorting foreign powders that were never made to be snorted then there's really not much you can do about that...;)

    yet, if you dont have a problem with insufflation then i highly recommend you crush those mofos up and give em a go.... both the addies and the oxys are large dosage XR (extended release) forms of the drugs and if you can destroy the time release mechanism like i was talkin about earlier you'd only need to snort half your supply of those addies....20-40mgs would suit you just fine...can you say "like a fucking goooood cup o coffee"?

    as for the oxys, same deal, although if its only 20mgs then you'll have to snort the whole thing most likely to get your kicks.... If we were talkin about a 60-80mg tab of oxy then we'd really be cookin wwith gas, but 20mg if crushed and taken will do just fine....but if you just orally take the pills w/o crushing them you're not gonna have very high concentrations of the opiate in your system at any single time, since the tab will need to be absorbed over a period of time...(at the very least i suggest crushing the pills and drinking the powder in a glass of something...your stomach can then absorb much more much faster)

    now that I think of it, i'd actually not recommend you do an oxy before/during school....especially if you arent an opiate fiend and dont know how you'll react to such a hearty dose of that delicious poppy essence.... And since so many friggin kids these days are givin scripts for adderall or ritalin to take during school hours anyway, you'd probably fit in better with the other tweakers....errr i mean those with attention deficit disorder....

    [EDIT: BTW, a little birdy told me that you can stretch that stash of adderalls even further by applying a tried a true technique.... roughly a half hour before you ingest your addies, drink a glass of water with a few table spoons of Baking soda.... sodium bicarbinate potentiates amphetamines by alkalizing the gastrointestinal tract thus increasing absorbtion rates... just thought i'd mention it]

  9. good god man...ARE YOU MAD!?!?
  10. Oxy at school is EXCELLENT!! hahahah. i did it a couple times...

    teachers thought it was odd that i kept scrathing my face all day though :D

    i get the itch main from those babies.

    20mgs should be fine to do... its not to much. will give you a nice boosts and put you in a good mood for the next couple hours.

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