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Which would you give up first

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 14, 2001.


Which one would you give up first?

  1. weed

    0 vote(s)
  2. sex

    1 vote(s)
  1. i would give up smoking first, not as addictive.

    I thought it was time for a little humor since we've had a rough week so far and rougher times ahead.
  2. Hey, I love the herb, but that sex thing is instinctual, dammit.

    So, yeah, I'd have to give up weed.
  3. are we talking sex with other people?.. does self gratification count as sex?
    ...what kinda weed are we talkin about?...are we talking about large amounts of weed?...

    i picked weed.....
    ..a sac of weed lasts alot longer than sex
  4. I picked weed as well. Sex is better most of the time, it just doesn't last as long!!!!!!!
  5. I picked the weed...sorry guys...I can figure out how to be mellow on my own but I couldn't live without sex...;)


  6. Same here. Besides, I could never deny all those women who require my...abilities. (Yeah, I'm a pig, but at least I know it)
  7. I'm afraid I too need some more information. If I give up sex it will probably make the wife happy. That's something I try not to do too often. I think she's much happier when she's pissed about something.

    But if I do pick sex, does this guarantee that I'll always have weed? It helps with the sex misdemeanor thing. Ya know, the more I miss, da meaner I get.

    But if I pick weed, I could go straight to Republican conservative. Buy a Buick. Join a bridge club. Saturday morning would mean Bermuda shorts and black stretch socks.

    This is too hard. I can't handle this shit right now.
  8. If I have to choose sex, it would have to be. I have use of all my apendeges.

  10. Hehe

  11. I picked sex, mainly because I have never met a good women that approves of ganja...not a little ganja, they are not hard to find. But to find someone that approves of toking the herb ALL hours of the day, even waking up in the middle of the night to do some midnight bong hits to send me back to la-la land with a smile. I dunno, I think they get jealous when you spend all your money on your stash for 4 years and not one date hehe
  12. No doubt about it.Sex it the loser in this battle for my mind.I was thinking about where to get my next sack while I was having sex this morning!
  13. It has to be sex, pakalolo never has a headache or wants you to jump through hoops to get your reward.
    Pakalolo is always there to make you happy with no strings.
    At 50 and 37 yrs. of smoking I've never had a joint say NO!!
  14. Sex would have to go. Sex is almost repulsive at times. Herb has never been repulsive! :)
  15. [​IMG]Howdy Herbalina! It's nice to see you again, and I hope things are going well for you in your new home. Give us an update![​IMG]
  16. I would definitely have to give sex up first... I can't go without my wake n bake or evening tokes... And neither can my fiance.. This sounds puky and lovey but he and I love each other on so many different levels that sex would not be missed TOO much I don't think.. OK IT WOULD!!!
    But marijuana, has benefitted us both.. Especially him for his traumatic arthritis and me for my lower back pain. Exercise and 2-mile walks around the lake are back in our vocabulary ~ :) Luckily this is a choice we wouldn't have to make.. And my answer might even change if faced with this situation, who knows?! I will probably never know, and that's OK with me :)

  17. didn't I already give that up..
  18. Without weed sex just wouldn't be as good and without sex, well, i couldn't live without either.
  19. See ya later sex, I rather smoke pounds...
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  20. well, i've met a great girl who i smoked with daily for two years and she dropped me outta no where... to top it all off she had a one-week phling with some other guy... we're goin to different colleges in different states (CA & CO) and me being the sucker i am is still trying to get her back! i know if i pass this up, i'll never find a girl this good again and it'll drive me MADD

    by the way, nice place you guys got here! it's my first day :cool:

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