Which would you choose?

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  1. If you absolutely had to choose one or the other, as in your life depended on it, which would you choose;

    Sitting thru a back-to-back concert of Justin Beiber/Lady Saga/Selena Gomez or being strapped to a chair and going thru 3 hours of a Strong electrical current thru your body every 5 seconds?
  2. Justin Bieber is one of the finest artists alive.

    I've seen him live 3 times now. Soon to be 4.
  3. Depends how strong the current but most likely sit through some music..
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    I'm going to the concert, fuck electrocution, lol. And Selena Gomes is good lookin.
  5. Electrocute me man. Hopefully I'll come away with super powers :)
  6. I would fuck Selena Gomez in the ass.

  7. If you got electrocuted you wouldnt walk away at all, you would die lol

    but i would choose the shock treatment hahahaha

  8. That is it? Oh man the things I would do to that girl and hell even lady gaga....
  9. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    Id sit through the concert, You might could find some "drugs" like weed to make it better.;):rolleyes:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. 1 ticket for justing beiber please...
  12. [quote name='"Chrismittty"']

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    Id sit through the concert, You might could find some "drugs" like weed to make it better.;):rolleyes:[/quote]

    I'd wanna find something a little better that so then I don't have to remember sitting through hell

  13. think of it this way, its called electrocution, and shares the end of execution for a reason

    electrocution = death by electricity, you can not survive and technically be electrocuted hahahah
  14. No.Fucking.Shit.Sherlock.
  15. Justin,gaga,and Selena all in one?!?!FUCK YES!

    Haha I'd be down to see Selena Gomez but fuck the other two,but if my life depended on it I can endure the concert,I have to endure it anyways from all the other fan girls in this world -__-

  16. you are the one who claimed you will somehow walk away from an electrocution, not me

  17. Sarcasm doesnt translate well on the internet. It's not like I really think if you get electrocuted over and over again you'll get super powers instead of making yourself into human bacon.

  18. point being, op didnt say anything about electrocution, he said you are getting shocked (essentially)

    Your sarcasm was hit by my witty and also sarcastic response, and you didnt get it either

    so its a lose lose here

    lets stop ruining the thread lol
  19. The concert. Every show I've been to I've always been able to tune out the openers, so I would be fine. Even though I can't stand any of their music.
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    I think they're equally painful, but I think SIRSOG has it right haha

    Edit- There is no way in he'll I would ever stick my dick in lady gaga...

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