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Which will get you higher? Perc Bong, Joints, or Blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by DankaliciousDJ, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. What gets you higher? because i got some good shit rite now im just trying to get high as fuck, so yea.
  2. Lately ive been using a bong without water if i wanna make the most out of my bud.:hello:
  3. If you have some good dank and want to make it last long, use a bong. If you are goin to hang out with 4 other friends, roll a nice fat blunt.:smoke:
  4. grav bong, use little weed and get high as fuck

  5. why without water?
  6. None of these answers have really been accurate so far. The perc bong would be the least efficient due to the turbulence and contact with the glass. I haven't read any studies concerning blunts but the studies on the subject concluded that joints are most efficient at transferring thc vs tar. Bongs do allow you to smoke more weed more quickly but with more tar vs thc compared to joints.. I would think blunts would be the same or similar to joints.
  7. A blunt will get you even more high than a joint. I don't know the science behind it but i do know when i've smoked that a blunt will kick a joints ass

    But a blunt is also much more harsher

  8. I could completely of misunderstood this post, but are you trying to say that joints and blunts get you higher than a bong?

  9. I think you over analyzed it, haha. My theory -
    1 bowl out of bong = .5g-.7g
    1 joint = 1g-1.2g
    1 blunt = 1g-1.5g

    And all of them get me nice and stoned. Thats why I suggested the bong. :bongin:
  10. lol. might as well be a pipe. but i do that sometimes too to make it quick.

  11. I'm saying they are more efficient in transferring thc compared to tar. Bongs may provide a more intense peak effect simply because they allow you to smoke more weed more quickly. It's the timeframe that makes the difference... but you're actually losing more thc compared to a blunt or joint.
  12. Lets look at it this way, this kids going to make a blunt/jay id hope out of around 1.5 grams of weed, chances are that about .3 grams worth of THC will be lost in the air through the actual smoking process because hes riding solo. As opposed to smoking .5 gram bowl packs and getting ripped off of one or two of them, the ability to conserve the THC/Weed by taking hits out of his bong would eventually leave him higher than if he had just smoked a joint. If he spreads his heats out he can make his high from his bong rips last around 3-4 hours, as opposed to the 2 hour joint

    My opinion, if you have like 2 grams of weed

    Roll a 1 gram joint
    When finished, smoke a .5 bowl pack.
    Wait until your about to come down, smoke a .5 bowl pack
    Then finally smoke your roach

  13. No. They've studied this... in a laboratory... multiple times. If you're talking about efficiency, which you clearly are, joints are more efficient... not less. Both bongs and joints lose thc due to smoke slipstream and pyrolysis. Bongs additionally lose thc due to the slight solubility in water and the thc that becomes adhered to the glass.

    Adding percs to a bong makes the effect worse. Every interruption of laminar (vertical) flow causes more thc to be deposited on the glass.

    The reason to choose a bong is to get a higher peak effect by smoking the bowl very quickly... not because it will save you weed. You can roll a .1 gram joint if you wanted. I certainly have.
  14. but with a joint you loose a lot of thc into the air because of it constantly burning, i find if i roll i joint and smoke it i'm not near as high as if i out it in a bong

  15. Slipstream smoke occurs with joints AND bongs... and it is completely user controllable. Your ability to roll a joint is negatively correlated with the amount the joint will slipstream. The same will apply to the way you pack the bowl and whether or not you put it out between hits.

    Every seen a bong cherry before? I'm sure you have. Ever put out a joint before and then relit it? I'm sure you have. See... it's user controllable.
  16. Can somebody explain this "slipstreaming" that supposedly occurs in bongs?
    sorry :bongin: haha
  17. Bong my *****.
  18. Blunts are the way to go if you ask me.

  19. Look at the smiley you just used dude...

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