Which Western States Allow A Medical Card Holder To Grow Their Own?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by brotherrob, May 31, 2013.

  1. Sorry for being lazy, and not researching this myself, but in my quest to find the "perfect" state to move to I would like input on Western states that allow a med card holder to grow their own smoke. If you feel creative, also add why you like that state.

  2. OR,WA,CALI off hand...
  3. I am leaning towards Oregon as my choice to move to. The weather is balanced, the cost of living in the rural areas is decent, If I can grow my own smoke that will pretty much seal the deal,
  4. I am going to say all the western states allow growing. Each state may have different laws as to how
    You can grow. Like in ca you can grow 6 mature plants. There are some counties that let you grow 99 plants. And there are some counties that don't allows any outdoor growing or restrictions on how much watts you can run in door many state on the west and you will be good to go. If outdoor is your thing i would think ca would be your best bet. To much rain and mold problems for me. I have friends that are just now putting there plants out side in Oregon while mine have been outside for for 2 mo now m
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  5. Thanks for the info Norcali. I would love to move to Cali but real estate is too expensive and property taxes too high. Sadly I just read about 4 med clinics getting raided near Medford, the area in S Oregon I was looking at. Red Flags are waving :(
  6. You just have to find the right place. Look more north. Butte county. Lots of cheap stuff. You say some crazey shit on here but I love your passion. Pm if your want some good area numbers.
  7. I will research that area, housing, jobs ect. I was really liking the S Oregon landscape...affordable housing, good job potential until I read about the state busting 4 med clinics...If I am going to commit to moving somewhere I would hope events like that would be far behind the local authorities.

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