Which Weedstar bong would be better?

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  1. I was looking through the weedstar inline bongs and saw the "Lil' Lazy Inline Bong" with 2 dome percs as well and it is 15-15.5 inches tall with a glass thickness of 4 mm.

    There was also a "Big Lazy Inline Bong" with 2 dome percs as well as a splash guard. And it is 20 inches tall with a glass thickness of 5mm.

    Which one do you think would be better? is 15 inches too small? or is a small bong better? or would 20 inches with a splash guard be better? or would it add too much drag.. HELP?! :confused:
  2. i just ordered Big lazy last week. il let you know what its like with pics when it comes it!
  3. Umm I dunno.

    A smaller bong takes less work to clear

    a bigger bong takes more work to clear.

    I like big bongs because I like to take big hits.

    The size of the bong doesn't affect the amount of weed you can smoke in a single hit, but one can be more comfertable than the other.

    When I try to take large hits out of small bongs, I can do it, but its more harsh because slowly pulling in smoke for a while can be very irritating on your throat.

    With a big bong, you dont start inhaling the smoke as fast, so you can clear your bowl, then clear the entire bong in one go.

    With a smaller bong, you start breathign the smoke in sooner and irritates your throat more.

    So small bong for smaller hits

    Big bong for bigger hits.

    Make sure you guys post back here when you get it!

    I'd love to see them in action.
  4. see it was between that and Big Lazy for me. i had a hard battle with myself and decided that Big lazy was more for me. 1, because it looks SICK! and 2, its a hell of alot easier to clean with the dome percs than a tree perc
    plus iv had a few friends break their tree percs some how
  5. I never buy anything from Weedstar. It’s shitty glass.
  6. How much are you looking to spend? I suggest that you look into quality glass instead of cheap china glass. The cheap price tags on china glass, such as Weed Star, may be enticing, but I can almost guarantee that it will be a draggy and harsh hit. I believe that you will be much more satisfied if you purchased quality glass. You can get a nice quality tube from SSFG for $55 along with a diffused shower head downstem for $15. You can also purchase a mini inline ashcatcher for $60.

    Listen to my advice, you will be glad you did lol. Quality glass all the way man :bongin:
  7. If those zig zags actually look that cool I'm totally getting one.
  8. thats exactly why i decided to get one. your talking about the Big/Lil Lazy right?
    ya glass thickness isnt really much of an issue. 5mm is perfectly fine. my buddy and my bong got taken by the cops but we had it for months without a single knick

    personally i treat my personal belongings with great care so it would never break...knock on glass :rolleyes:
  9. i have just payed for mine i will place a vid up when i get it in two weeks, can you please place a vid up of you hitting it ? love to see it in work !
  10. Which one did you decide to get? im still unsure if the little would be better since i already have a nice 20 inch bong.
  11. Hi
    I paid for the big lazy one . It's not much more money than the small one and I think the big bong will cool down the smoke Better than the small one.
  12. Nice, not trying to ask too much but i still really am beating myself up over which to get.. could you tell me how many slits are in each of your dome percs? and even better could you take picture when/if you have it? either would be fine i just wanna know the details lol

  13. I agree buy a nice roor instead.

  14. Can get better glass for the price of roor unless you want the name and a simple straight or beaker
  15. roor/weedstar are overpriced and shitty (respectively)

    look up ssfg, sovereighty, PHX. or check out aqua lab technologies.
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    ^ No way OP is getting a price on AyElTea that compares to a weedstar.

    All you people arguing that Weedstar is shit don't understand. The point is its cheap and actually isn't that shitty. I Have owned a Weedstar Inline for a couple years now and the glass is pretty thick and the piece itself is actually real sturdy. Have you owned a Weedstar?

    Weedstar is a great option for a first bong IMO....

    Also i would get the Lil lazy because its like 50$ cheaper.

    But i wouldnt go for either of them because i dont like the laydown style pieces and dome percs are very outdated and too much drag. Check these 2:

    Milk video of this piece:
    Milk of this piece:

    Both about 120$ and pretty good functionality....
  17. mate just get it! you know you want to ;):smoke:
    weedstar are getting better now! the glass is much stronger then ever!
    i already have 2 weedstar bongs and they have not failed me now:D
    im getting my big lazy next week

    copy and paste from Weed Star - Big Lazy Stemless Inline Perc Ice Bong - 18.8mm - Grasscity.com

    A stemless lazy bong that rests on its side, with mesmerizing black and white zig-zags!
    • Rests horizontally on clear glass ergonomic handle
    • Black and white glass accents
    • Colored 6-hole inline perc and two dome percs
    • Large 18.8mm black and white bowl included
    • Ice notches
    • No carb hole
  18. I'd go with the Blaze as well personally
    $51 cheaper, I also think the frosted and clear looks better than the fancy swirls of the WS one, I do kinda like the artsy feel, but I prefer the simplicity
    7mm glass over 5mm, I am not understanding how your friends broke their tree perc's with that kind of protection, I've had one, the glass doesn't thin
    Also in my experience I have found tree percs just as easy to clean as dome percs, that goes on any bong, not just these lazy ones
    The handle on the blaze as well is like a tank, you could absail off that thing but unfortunatly a comparrison seems unfair as the picture on here of the WS handle is very awkward
    Personal preference here as well, but I think I would prefer the 6 slits of the blaze inline rather than the 6 holes of the WS inline, prefer slit diffusers to pierced hole as well
    All things to consider man, you're paying extra for fancy thinner glass by the looks of things
    Your call though, I'm sure you'll love which ever you pick :)
  19. Because the harder they come, the harder they fall. It's why I stick with 5mm over 7mm.

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