which way should i plant it???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BIGfugginRED, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. i got some germinated seeds, but with a couple of them, the taproot isn't just sticking out of the seed shell, its like curled around the seed. what should i do? plant it with the side where it shot out pointing down or try to get the very end pointing down? thanks in advance.
  2. Root end facing downwards
  3. thanks man. appreciate it.

    hey while im already typing anybody like my new avatar? anybody know what it is???
  4. Looks funky i've not got a clue what it is tho lol.
  5. looks like Nelson Mandella?.........Peace out.......Sid

  6. doesnt matter which way its planted... when i plant seeds, i just drop em in the soil after they've germinated, and havent had one die on my yet... all come out strong....
  7. hey thanks a lot to dragon and hippie john. i'll let everybody know when they pop through the soil.

    oh yea. it IS a sheet of acid... but its not nelson mandela. its timothy leary, he's way old now but in the 60's he was a psychology teacher at harvard and one the first people to experiement with acid. then he started testin it on prisoners and shit.... look him up on the net, all kinds of crazy shit. he loves acid.
  8. Everyone knows who timothy leary is

  9. LOL, Nelson Mandella acid? Maybe they could make tabs with all sorts of important historical figures... :D

    [Edit] And yeah, I just figured it was better not to futz with the seed once I'd dropped it in the soil. I aim for taproot down, but if not... oh well. No probs yet.
  10. Lol i just put my seeds strait into warm moist soil and cover the top and not had one problem germing so far.

  11. I didn't ..........Peace out........Sid

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