Which way of growing is best suited for my needs?

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  1. I just finished a DWC grow. Man was that an adventure. But every night I had to be home to check the PH and PPM. Also had to fill the buckets up with water. Besides the hassle, I loved the roots, the growth and how fast everything was. Thing is, I plan on growing some more and plan on taking a freakin vacation at some point too.
    What are my options here? I want to grow a way where it gives the best growth/yield but I don't want to have to baby them every single night. If I could do a way with DWC where there is a system that automatically drips nutrients when it reads low, fills it with water automatically etc. I'd be into that. But if not what's my best bet?
    Thanks everyone!

  2. Soil grows are simpler in my opinion. You can also water and forget for a few days.
    Of course you can get a better yield with hydro....
  3. Nah... it's just hand mixed potting soil. A lot of people call it "supersoil" if that is more familiar to ya.

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    Hempy buckets have been doing me well in solo cups.
    I use AN sensi nutes and the pH is kept at 5.8 with additives, no messing around with drops and pH pens. Fill container with water, mix in nutes and shake. 2 mins later outta sight outta mind for 10 days

    Best of soil and hydro IMO. So easy to water and maintain

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  5. Soil and a gravity fed drip system for vacations... Boom!

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