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Which way do you roll your blunts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DownSouthBalla5, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Left to right, or right to left? It seems I'm the only person I know who rolls blunts from left to right, all my friends roll right to left. So which way do you roll?
  2. I roll from the middle out.

    Tuck from left to right.
  3. Left to right, sometimes middle left right.
  4. i roll with the original mouthpiece of the blunt on the left and start there and work my way up
  5. I start from the middle and work outwards
  6. Well first I get a really good cigar, the $10+ kind.

    Next, I break up some nice good bud.

    Then, I smoke it in my spoon, enjoy a nice fat juicy steak, then smoke the cigar out on my back porch :p

    jk I hate blunts but I don't care how other people like to enjoy their cannabis. Just messin' with ya.
  7. from the middle as well...tuck left for the mouth and then right usually. then wrap the leaf back on for a tasty dutch.

    game palmas are where its at and they are cheap too. burn so evenly and have a great taste to them. highly recommend.
  8. left ro right. im right handed and for some reason its easier from left to right
  9. Left to right, you are not alone.
  10. I start of by making the mouthpiece on the right side and then I role up the rest. A nice cone always does the trick :D
  11. Mouth piece on the right,
    right to left.
    I'm left handed!
  12. Mouth part on the left, right handed.
  13. Middle to right, middle to left, the right side is the mouth side.
  14. ... I roll from right to left.. :hello:
  15. I roll middle, left, right. and i roll from the middle out.

    I don't pick a side to be the mouth side til after its rolled
  16. it depends on whatever end is fresher sometimes when they have swishers from the box the tops get a little stale
  17. Yea same and I like to work off of the mouthpiece.
  18. right to left.
  19. word

    i just roll a blunt dont think about left to right right to left which ever way doesnt rip the paper haha
  20. Either Mid Right Left or Right to left... but its just usually whatever is easiest.. i just rolled a dutch from mid to left to right because one end was a little stale so i had to break it off

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