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which way do you prefer to break up your bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blissfulwizard, Aug 30, 2019.

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    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
    im usually using a grinder when rolling a joint or collecting kief, but if im smoking out of the bowl/bong, im breaking it up with my fingers. do you grind up all your weed? do you prefer to put your grinded up weed into your blunts/joints or bowls and bongs?
  2. Grinder or fingers for me all depends on the material
  3. yeah true sometimes you got some dry weed you can break up with 2 fingers and it crumbles into dust then you got some sticky ass weed that you try breaking apart with your fingers but its too damn sticky so you definitely need a grinder
  4. This is gonna sound wild, but it depends on how much weed I actually have in stock. If I'm running low I hand pick the nugs I want to smoke, cut them up with scissors and get real friendly and nice with them. If I've got a lot of extra bud I usually just rip a nug apart and chuck it into a basic hand grinder.

    Rarely do hippie pick my weed, just so hard to finger bust most dense weed. I kinda prefer scissors, they give a nice fine chop, but if I've got drier weed, I like catching the crystal in the grinder.

    Guess it's 70/30 grinder / scissors for me.
  5. I'll add that if I'm rolling a joint, I like to scissor the weed, best way to make the consistency I want depending on how dry the weed is and what kind of joint I'm rolling. Haven't actually spun one up since newyears :O :O I need to practice.
  6. If I’m rolling a blunt or joint I grind up one nug with fingers (for support structure) then grind the rest and sprinkle on top till the wrap is full, then roll it, it keeps the blunt from resining closed. If it’s a bowl or price I’ll always scissor or grind. But sometimes I’ll place a baby piece over the hole then grind the rest on top.
  7. Grinder or scissors
  8. I prefer the intimacy and ritual of breaking up bud with my fingers.
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  9. Until u get bud that’s too moist then it’s Grrrrrrr. We get stuff shipped in from legal states. I bet most of it is in the 60+ % on moisture
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