which water source should i use?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by motoxer, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Well i am getting some things thought up for my first outdoor grow, one thing i need help deciding is what water i should use, i have a stock dam not even a mile away from the grow spot that i could pump water out of in my truck then drive the the grow spot. for thoes that dont know a stock dam is its just a small lake for cows to drink out of. my other water option is city water, but for that i would have to drive 4 miles into town fill up my tanks then drive 5 miles back out to the grow. there are pros and cons to each. the stock damn water would be less driving around but i would have to buy a gas powerd water pump, also the water quality would not be as good as city water. the city water would be better quality but then i would have to drive into town to my grandfathers house and get it, then he would ask me what the hell im doing, and i would have to lie to him.....unless you guys could help me think of some excuse for the water i am takeing,,, because i sure as hell am not gonna tell him i am useing to grow weed ha. ow and i cant use the water at my house because its well water and is to high in salt i think
  2. Do not use city water. The water from the stock dam would be the best IMO. It probably already as beneficial micro organisms that will help feed your soil. Either that or get a reverse osmosis system for your well water in your house.
  3. Great advice, forgot about all the shit they put in city water, well guess I am in the market for a pump now
  4. CortoMaltese posted a foot pump in another thread where someone asked about pumping h20 uphill. I'll see if i can find a link.
  5. Alright, thinking about I will have to pump my water up hill too. Suppose there will have to be some way to prime it

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