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Which water do you drink?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by IAMGROOT19, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. My tap water has a ph of 7.1, an EC - 0.1 and 30 ppm @ a 500
    Ppm scale, I've read that 500, 300, 30ppm is safe to drink.
    I boil tap water to drink.

    Which water do yous drink, and what are the measurements.
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  2. You boil tap water to drink it? Where do you live?
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  3. you boil your drinking water?
    that must be some gross water.
  4. Yes..I boil tap water..the pH is neutral though..& it's not gross cause the cuz came over & she said it tasltes fresh despite all the unknown inside..but bacteria is gone & she does it too..we from New Zealand plus, a reminder, we've been drinking tap water, hose water our whole life..we even beach water for don't know how to swim..
  5. My favorite is Dasini or a store brand.
  6. My favorite water since I was a little kid has been Poland spring
  7. Bath, if she's sexy enough.
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  8. Likewise. I also have a water filter in the kitchen.
  9. I've always drank from the tap in my own home (UK or Australia), and even from some questionable countries if I'm high enough in the mountains.

    But if we're talking bottled water, which I only buy if it's absolutely necessary, Fiji water is the bomb-diggity. Soft and smooth as a sexy lady.
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  10. I've always tried to avoid drinking from the tap if I knew there wasn't a filter installed. I'm quite scared of what tap water might have in it cause when I was 13 or so, I drank some and started puking like crazy. Turns out, it was filled with some form of bacteria, can't remember well. I avoid buying bottled water too cause it's not cost-effective and honestly, who knows what's in it too.

    At home, I installed a whole house filter cause we use the well, and the water isn't passed through any treatment before it reaches the pipes. I also have an alkaline pitcher because I prefer to drink a glass of alkaline water in the morning and before I hit the sack. It is supposed to hydrate better than regular water, not sure if the claims are all real, but it doesn't hurt to drink 2, 3 glasses tops. I'm into this topic a lot, nice work on starting it, always curious to see what others pick and their opinions.
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  11. Bro I only drink tap water like if I'm in danger of dying of dehydration.
    When I spend money on water it's always fiji, crystal geyser or arrowhead.
  12. Yeah, good to know, they have these ro machine too to purify water, at the moment, am drinking distilled water bought from supermarket, have not ph'd the water. I have ph'd the rsin water and it is the same as tap water or it must be my ph meter [Bluelab] & the ec in both remain the same. But thanks for that, i can look back on this post.
  13. I drink tap water after boiling it.
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  14. Sometimes i do time i found a fly inside the kettle not knowing how long its been there plus hot water gets rid of all that bacteria ish..still i think the ec & ppm remain the same again. Anyways, been checking the kettle lately..
  15. Actually, my water is from the local mountains, and is very good! (taste) An old water district, many parts of carring it to area are still gravity flumes. Over the years they've securely covered them. Only good tasting bottled is from Palomar mountain, (where the (used to be) famous Palomar Observatory is)
  16. I drink tap water all day long, but my favorite water is filtered
    river water.
  17. Living in London back in the day I learned London, UK water has been recycled 12 times
    after drinking a shit load, up to then
    still alive, I continue to drink tap waters
  18. Haha that's a myth, the out flow is almost out at sea.
  19. I drink tap water or volvic or evian, volcano water lmao, guess it's cheep Fiji water

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