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Which Visa Gift Card to buy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ECLIPSE, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. I'm getting a Visa Gift Card to order seeds off Attitude. So this would be an international order. I need advice from people who have bought VISA Gift Cards to order things internationally before. WHich card should I buy? Do all VISA Gift Cards require you to activate using SSN and what not. I would perfer not to activate it with government issued info, but is it reuqired with all VISA Gift Cards.
  2. Most, if not all, credit card gift cards don't work for international orders. Either gotta pay by credit card/debit card (which in all honesty isn't that big of deal when ordering seeds) or money order.
  3. Actually it depends on how you're buying them. I personally link my gift cards to a paypal account and then pay through paypal on ebay. Even my international orders go through fine.
  4. Ah, never thought of paypal. Can't hurt to try.

  5. The green dot one that I used worked internationally.
  6. So.... Can anyone answer my questions? lol
  7. I got one from tdbank, looks just like a credit card and only needed me to put in billing info and where I wanted it dropped off
  8. The reason the greendot one works internationally is because it actually is a credit card. It just doesn't require approval like regular credit cards. It's reloadable and reusable unlike the visa gift credit cards. That's not to say that the visa gift credit cards aren't able to be used internationally as I have used them before for international purchases, just not directly. I go through paypal.

    To answer OP's question, all the visa gift credit cards ($25, $50, $100) are the same. They serve the same functions and everything. The greendot visa credit cards are legitimate credit cards that have a monthly charge and everything. They are not the same as the gift credit cards. Also, gift credit cards are not verified by SSN. Just a billing address and such. It's just so that they can link it more to a name and location than a person if you get what I mean.
  9. This. Don't buy they Visa gift cards, they are pure shit.
  10. I wouldn't say that. I love the fact that I can just use it and throw it away. And since I usually only have cash on me, they make my online purchases so much easier. Especially paypal.
  11. When you have the option to just buy the reloadable card sitting right next to it that will make online purchases for everything without having to set it up through any kind of process why would you not go for that?
  12. The reloadable one has $35? monthly charge. It's like a real credit card and it is linked to you. It just bypasses the credit approval part and has a low credit line.
  13. Ive always used Vanilla Visa gift cards that say " happy birthday" on them :p. They seem to work well online everywhere.
  14. Hmm. Cuz I am thinking of making an international purchase with a gift card, so if you link the gift card through your pay pal account it will work?
  15. yes he said this like 2 times now bro.:p
  16. Every visa gift card I've tried has worked online except for the vanilla. The cards are handled by different companies so check online first to see if you can use the one you are going to buy.
  17. Just clarifying, cuz I am gonna spend 100+ dollars, so just want to be sure.
  18. It really depends on the credit card processor tbh. I just bought a preipaid card I used online internationally to buy something. It says "The Ideal Gift" and it says you can load between $20-$200 and its a throw away card. All I had to do is register my name and address. That is only so when the credit card processor does the AVS check, it will be approved. Im not sure if you have a "Safeway" around your area (its a grocery store), but thats where I bought this one. This card specially for online purchases only so maybe thats why it works. The bank is metabank fyi.
  19. I have an only 1 Visa Travel Money card, and it works great. As far as I know it's reloadable too.

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