Which vaporizers hit like bongs

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by jacolb, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I'm trying to get my wife on tha vape life but she needs something that's going to hit and remind her of a bong. Anything beside the volcano. Whip style only. Thanks.

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  2. I use the Arizer Extreme Q, I get very milky rips and it fits into the standard 14.5mm downstem perfectly
  3. Go for direct draw vapes and vapes that are meant for use with glass. This Includes the vapexhale evo, the sublimator, the life saber, log vapes, and more. 
  4. Also on the extreme q. The spare elbo joint fits to 18.8 mm joint
  5. Thanks man I've been hearing a lot about the Q. I think that's the one I, going to get.

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  6. Solo produces tastey milky vapor if you're into the portable market. They make a power adapter cord so it can be used like a desktop vape as well. Planet vape also makes a pretty sweet diffuser tube for it called the f bomb.
  7. Hey my girl is interested in vapin I've never done it tho. She wants a small pen one but I think those are only for oils n shit. Any recommendation?

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  8. If she's vaping dry herb then I would go with the pax by ploom. I have one super discreet , great hits too. Check out that pinnacle pro. Haven't tried it but gr8 reviews

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  9. Just get one of the stronger desktop models and hit it through a bong.  You probably won't find one that hits just like a bong but that way you get a similar experience.
  10. Can I do the Q like that? How ? On Yt? I see the pinnacle pro has one water bong connect

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    Wish I could help you but I don't really know those models, I'm sure through a little research you can find the info you need.
  12. The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is the best thing on the market for a bong-like experience. It was designed for that.
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    If you want a vape to hit like a bong, how 'bout a vape that works REALLY well THROUGH a bong, like the EVO, the LSV or the Sublimator, or for that matter, the Lotus, which mimics smoking through a bong really well?
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    LSV + bong.
    Monster rips.
    Trust me.
    As a matter of fact, I'm selling my LSV+bong set up.
    I will make a thread for it on the Fuckcombustion.com forum.
    I'm moving onto concentrates/vape pens now.
    No more flowers for me.
    Hit me up if you're interested.
  15. Yup.........the LSV rips really nice through a bong.
  16. Honestly,
    The HI
    The LSV
    The Vriptech Heat Wand
    The VapeXhale Cloud EVO
    The Sublimator
    The Herbalizer
    The HerbalAire
    The Underdog
    All provide great vapour-bong experiences. The SSV, EQ, and DBV also provide very good ones too.
  17. Thanks. Looking at that evo now. What about the plenty ? It's on the way to me now. Should I open it or send it back. ?

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  18. It's Storz and Bickel's other product (they are the ones who make the Volcano). I've never used it personally. People who use it don't have anything bad to say really. I just don't think it is worth the price tag when there are vapes like the LSV that I believe are at the very least just as good (or better) than the Plenty at a lower price.
    If I had to go between the EVO and the Plenty, it be the EVO every time. For Vapourbong there is nothing that compares with flowers. Here's a pic for you:
    Not only does the EVO milk, but it has the airflow behind it like I've never experienced with a vape. You can take INCREDIBLE hits.
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    i have seen videos of the arizer solo with vasrious bong attachments each one more unique then the other

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  20. The Arizer v tower and extreme q come with elbow attachments that fit a bong ( not sure what size )
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