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Which vaporizer should i buy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flameboosie, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody, I am going to be living in a dorm and I have RA's down the hall so if they smell smoke I'm fucked. I have heard that the stealthiest way to smoke is with the mflb. But i've heard negative things about battery life etc. It really isn't a big deal if the vaporizer is portable because i will mostly just use it in my dorm. As long as it is extremely low on smell ( like i have heard the mflb is ) and is between 50-200 dollars. thanks!
  2. this is the vape i have.

    The Extreme Q

    i love it, it works great. LOTS of functionality to. You get bags, whip, and my favorite which is using the whip through my bubbler...

    Its a little on the pricey side (compared to the mflb), and it may not be right for you, but in general its a good vaporizer.

    I'd obviously wait and here from what other vape users have to say though.

    Good luck, and enjoy residence... its a BLAST!

    P.s. me and my roomie inadvertently got out R.A. kicked out because we sold him weed which he used to make brownies for our whole floor :D so jokes...
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  3. i like the mflb, and it comes with a charger that you can keep plugged in and just keep recharging the batteries so thats not an issue. There is no smell unless maybe a 5 foot radius for a second or 2, i recommend it!
  4. Haha dude that is so funny. Fuck R.A's!!
  5. i also have the extreme, but its not the Q version was 300 bucks. amazing buy, bags, whips, remote, blue neon under the vape, super deadly

    edit: just looked at the link, i guess i do have the Q. haha

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