Which vaporizer is better?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DenaliXero, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. VaporGenie,

    It was my very first vape and if used properly, can provide huge vapor clouds on demand.
  2. If used properly, do yiu mean by that like how fast you inhale and how big and shit.

  3. The VaporGenie has a pretty steep learning curve that has to do with how fast or slow you inhale, how big the flame is, how much to tilt the VG towards the flame, how much of the flame you allow to dip into the bowl, how fine your grind is, how dry your bud is.........lots of variables, but once you get it in the sweet spot, it can work really well.
  4. This. The vapor genie definitely works, but its tricky and isn't something you can easily pass from friend to friend.

    Even when working well, the taste isn't the best. But you won't find a functioning convection vape for anywhere close to that price.

    I can get surprisingly big clouds though, bigger than I could off the mflb, and I never combust. Its nifty to have around cause now, even when power goes out, and my solo dies...I'm still vaping.
  5. Vapor Genie all the way. I had mixed feelings when I first got it (this was my first time going from smoke to vapor, mind you), and I deemed the high much weaker than the conventional way. I knew it would take some practice but I didn't take that fact too serious and thought I knew how to work it. BUT, one night I was toking the same tiny bowl over and over again, and even though the taste was lost and the chron felt dead, it still got me a bit more high each time I puffed, and as soon as I know it, I'm sitting there saying to myself "Whoa... I'm actually SO baked right now...". Is vape weaker? MY ASS. That's a misconception from ametuer vape users.

    TL;DR, Vapor Genie, as the others have told you. :)
  6. I would save up for an Extreme Q or V-tower. They pay for themselves because they are efficient.

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