Which vapor genie is the best?

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  1. I lost my MFLB so I would like another vape that is not quite as expensive. THE VG has decent reviews but I honestly don't really like the fact that I will have to use lighter for it because I would only use a BIC and I'm worried about taste. So, someone sell me on which VG to get and give your review. It is between the Coil vg, bat vg or classic vg. Also do hempwicks produce a noticable smell? Are VG's even worth the money in the first place? Any help appreciated.
  2. glass VG Sherlock and use hemp wick. hemp wick doesn't smell that much and the vaped weed doesn't either. had the wooden VG but the glass is the best.
  3. Thanks that does look sweet but if I spent a hundred bucks I would get the MF again. I'm still living at home until I get a well paying job so if I used the hempwick would it produce enough smell for a parent to smell?
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    imho hemp wick smells like a burning candle because of the beeswax on it. there is a company giving away free samples. forget off hand who it is but remember watching their youtube stuff.

    if you don't want to spend the $100 go for the bat thats around $65. had one but gave it to a friend when i got the sherlock. can't go wrong with VG. glass is really easy to clean too. a little table salt and some 90% or better rubbing alcohol and your good to go. real quick too.

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