Which Vape to buy, Help?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Soccerguy420, May 12, 2010.

  1. I'm looking at two vapes, the MFLB (magic flight launch box) and the VG (vapor genie).

    I like them both, but there are some pro cons.

    The MFLB is sweet, but is kind of expensive on my budget. Its really nice, I love the idea of vaporizing without butane, and its small and not obvious, but again it is expensive.

    The VG is a cool little thing, but to heat up the ganja it involves inhaling a lot of butane which I'm not too keen on. I like the concept, its cheaper, and looks small, simple, and like it could last a long time. But the whole butane meets lungs thing is a bother.

    So, wonderful people, which one would you recommend? Past experiences and actual owners of either would help a lot.

    Thanks :hello:

    P.S. Everyone gets +rep'd for posting something constructive :devious:
  2. id get the launch box, even though its pricey id say its worth it. butane rips are the WORST
  3. the volcano or vaporbrothers vaporizers are both good and way different

    the volcano, i had the digital one, fills up a bag that is detachable for portability. The bag can be made in various sizes by yourself. it does use a bit of weed but it fills up i think 3-5 medium sized bags, it's been a while since i used one. they're about $400

    the vaporbrothers vaporizer, that im using right now, is a stationary vaporizer. Its a good vaporizer with a whip and the bowl only uses only .2g of dank for 20+ hits and its only $100

    Vaporizers are my favorite way to smoke, they also give the best taste in my opinion
  4. He mentioned a budget ;)

    Personally I've never used either, but I've heard nothing but great things on the launch box. Would be my pick. Good luck! Sorry I wasn't of more help
  5. He's asking for a comparison between the LaunchBox and the VaporGenie. Why are you bringing up a comparison between the 'Cano and the VB?
  6. get the launch box, ive owned both and i hated the VG by comparison.
  7. I vote launch box man, smaller, way more discreet, no butane, it is the way to go. If I was in the market for a portable vape I wouldn't think for a second before I decided on the MFLB.
  8. Just ordered the MFLB got it for under $85 shipped with a 4 piece aluminum grinder gift.
    1) Portable. 2) Simple and effective. 3) Battery powered. 4) LIFETIME WARRANTY!!! 5) Great deal / no butane needed!!! Get it for sure

    PM me if you want to know how I got mine for under $85 I'll tell you.
  9. Agree on the LaunchBox. So much more stealth when you're out and about than the VG. And on a windy day? No comparison. No flame to deal with.
  10. just to confirm, puffitup.com is legit? im prepared to buy it but i dont wanna throw 90 bucks down the drain if its a scam or some shit
  11. Puffitup is TOTALLY legit. Go to the FC site to get the discount coupon, if in fact, you don't have it yet.
  12. man it seems so sketchy, but a deal i couldnt pass up
  13. get the magic flight..I got mine and have used it everyday since i got it
  14. yeah but from where?
  15. Just get it from puffitup, blissville or vapeworld. They're all legit.

  16. alright, thanks man, ill get it from puffitup

  17. Bee line. Get some.

    I love my VG more than anything else. The hits are so much bigger than the MFLB.

    MFLB has the up just because its small enough to carry around and uses batteries. But since I dont like carrying around anything larger than a dugout, I have no need for it.
  18. MFLB

    Couple reasons I love it, its smaller and stealthier than a pipe (which was my previous portable solution) and it works better than a pipe in the sense, you use less herb, you are vaporizing instead of combusting.

    so even if vaping and combusting arent concerns for you.... either will work fine, the MFLB is the best device because its the most portable smoking device iv owned,seen.

    I use it in theaters, college , clubs , bars .

    not to mention it is easier than a pipe, its one handed operation easily while driving.


    now, Im also a strict vaporizer only person, I own 3 vapes... and this is NOT a replacement for a desktop unit... its really made for one person, upto 3 can use it as long as each person is an experienced user with the launch box, because there is a small learning curve. Otherwise it gets annoying trying to make sure the other 2 people are using it properly, and not burning your weed.

    desktop units like my extreme, is a convection vape as opposed to being a conduction vaporizer like the launch box. convections are more versatile, safer in my opinion.


    launch box is my backup and portable solution, nothing more. If i have access to my desktop extreme, id rather use the extreme then.

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