Which Vape Pen Should I Get?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by topdog82, May 23, 2013.

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    One of my buddies is starting to settle down and get serious with his gf. He is a lot older than me. But anyways, he gave me his omnicron vape pen for free. He was completely done with weed
    I was looking around for a vape pen and wasn't sure. Coincedentally that was when he offered his own vape pen to me. I used the omnicron for a while. It was an older design, and it dropped and broke :/
    So now I am back to square one, looking for a vape pen
    I see the "make your own vape pen" thread. But is that vape pen that much better than the "sticky wax burner pen"? Or the "gentleman's stick"?
    The vape pen is just for on the go use. Doesn't need a big battery or battery life. Just something to keep with me just in case class gets cancelled or something ;)
    Could I get a decent functional vape pen for $40 or under?
    Also, how efficient are these vape pens compared to a dab setup? I have only hit one dab setup in my life
    EDIT: Or something to use after a long day, so that I don't have to setup my arizer or easy vape. Just press a button and go. And for the rare nights I drink

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    Cloud vape pen if you are looking for stealth and for pretty cheap (65$).
    I sold my cloud for the Atmos Raw though.  Why? It looks better and rips harder, on top of that I can put it in the downstem of my bong and rip with it.  Nuffff said.
    40$? na haha.  100$ or less is like the borderline functioning.. The best for the cheapest (imo) is cloud.
    Alright then. I think I will build my own oil pen. I think that I can save 30-70$ that way

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