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Which Vap to buy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Arborist1212, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Looking at two vaps i wanna buy. Both look legit, but this is my first vaporizer, so I don't wanna buy a shitty one.

    Vaporizer 1.

    Seems like this one is of a higher quality, made with better materials and a 5 year warranty on the heating element.

    Vaporizer 2.

    I'm drawn towards this one beacause its less money, and comes with an extra whip, 4pc Chromium grinder, and a digital scale.
    so less money, but comes with extra stuff, and seems to be of a much lower quality, and only a 90 day warranty.

    What do you think and why?
  2. if you want a high quality vape youshould get the volcano vaporizer i love mine so much haha
  3. i have vape number 1 and i love it

    i dont get bronchtis anymore and my smokers cough has gone away

    i highly recommend that you get it

    -- the bubonic plague

  4. Yeah this is my first vaporizer...not gonna get a volcano.
  5. volcano was my first vape
  6. must be nice. lol
  7. i would go for the second one just beacuse all of the extra stuff it comes with. but i would get the one year warrenty just incase because it does seem like it is of lower quality than the first one
  8. I'm extremely satisfied with my Da Buddha Vape, less expensive version of the very popular silver surfer, made by the same company and shit. I just prefer the aluminum look over the wooden box look. To be honest, those two vapes are just vaporbros knockoffs but they still should work pretty well. Just know, before you buy, that the digital displays are almost worthless. You'll be able to find good vapin temps by messin around with it, but never trust what it says on the display.
  9. Idk im thinking the first one, seems good price, nice warranty and i liked the video lmao
    The second one wasnt that appealing and you can always but the extras at another time, i say its worth it for the longer warranty
  10. ive got the older model of the 2nd one (before they added that lil drawer to it) and i like it. Ive had it for almost 2 years now with no probs

    The temp fluctuates quite a bit, Ill set it on 350 and itll usually heat up to around 375. but thats my only complaint

    Ive hit a few nicer vapes and havent noticed a huge difference, so if you are looking to save money id just go with the 2nd
  11. Even if I had enough extra cash to throw down for a volcano, i don't like how they look.
  12. id go with vape 1 if you dont need the scale or grinder. if you are really wantin that grinder and scale though get the second one cuzs its a better deal
  13. My advice is not to skimp when it comes to a vaporizer. They tend to break easily (even more often then glass on glass). The main reason I've found is they don't look breakable compared to a glass bong so you would naturally be more careful with a glass made piece. Vaporizers are complex machines and better to buy one and have it work for a longer time then buy two and break halfway through.
  14. Thanks everyone, looks like i'll be going with Vap. #1, the Easy Vape. i'll tell you all how it works out.
  15. I dont see a significant difference between the two in terms of quality. Since vape 2cost less and comes with extra(thats a REALLY good grinder) I would choose option 2.
  16. Go with the longer warranty, you never know what may happen. If you really desire the extras, the second vape aint bad either tho, it will get the job done. If money weren't an issue Id even recommend a higher quality, volcano and such; you want it to last, cheap vapes are what you pay for.
  17. Congrats just curious what color did you get?

    the temps i normally use are 378 - 384

  18. I was gonna bet the black one - but now i'm hearing that there are things wrong with it like too many flashing lights, innaccurate temp. reading, and problems with loading the herb. I'm now leaning towards the Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer - Dark Coffee color.

  19. Yup, all other Vapes pale in comparison. Doesn't matter what else you buy, it ain't a Volcano.

  20. Why is it so hard for people to understand that those things are fucking expensive and ugly as hell. I'm not gonna pay $600+ for something that does the same thing as one for 5 times less.

    If vaporizers were cars, i'm looking for something to get me from A to B. why buy a hummer when all i need is a civic. you people over complicate things with this all powerful volcano. It's an over-priced eye sore and when looked at with any scrutiny, it literally does the EXACT some thing as a VB, in the EXACT same way.

    No thanks, i'll pay as little as possible for my hot air.

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