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Which Uses More Weed: Gravity Bong Vs. Glass Pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Arc, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Well I have just constructed a gravity bong and was wondering which uses more weed and which gets you higher with the same amount of weed used? I want to use it tomorrow.

  2. Grav bong for sure. You could light the entire bowl in one hit lol
  3. which one uses more weed?
    you get to choose that.
    which gets you higher?
    gravity bong.
  4. Gravity bong uses more weed per bowl. But the last and only time I hit a gravity bong I was straight K.O'd for a few hours. I was fresh off a tbreak aswell but still, that thing dominated me at the time. Was a few years back.
    Pipes dont K.O. you at all so its possible to use a lot more weed with them. But still never achieve that same high that you get a few seconds after a huge GB hit
  5. this.
  6. Gravity bongs are much more efficient, but they definitely use up more.
  7. It all depends on the smoker. Some people swear that gravity bongs are the best. As for me personally, with high grade weed (28% THC), and the $15 a g price tag, I'd go for the pipe. My G would last much longer in a pipe than a gravity bong.

    Good god, this question was asked 2 years ago. What a waste of internet for me to answer it now.

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