Which use more elcetricity.

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  1. Does anybody know if 6 40w fluros would use more electricity than a 250w HPS? Or should i just use a couple 70w HPS?
  2. Well no the 6 fluros would use 10 watts less but the 250w HPS might put off more light, it would depend on your growroom and how many plants you have. You should make two rooms and have your fluros setup for a mother/veging room and put the 250w in a room for flowering.
  3. if ur gonna go with hps why would u only use it during flowering do it through out its whole cycle
  4. because hps isn't good for vegging, its best for flowering.
  5. well you could get away with just ONE but having both would be better if you do everything correctly you get rewarded.. having both would also be better because you could grow some males in the other room to polinate and save some seeds or make some hash oil out of them i duno but you can get away with either
  6. as far as the electricity goes far less money on the 240 watts of floros, but the hps is much better to flower under, as far as using the hps for vegging i would use the floros to veg though the hps is just as good or better to veg under the floros will let you create a veg room and then use the 250 watt hps to flower under...... also able to create what is called perpetual harvest methods with these 2 rooms that way, pm me for more HELPFUL info!!



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