Which types of light spectrum I need for seedlings?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a total beginner and I just start my first cultivation. I have two CFLs (125w, blue and red) and I'm just curious, which bulb I need to use for seedlings when it's emerge from the soil? Blue, red or can I use both?

    Furthermore, do I need to give light when they emerge from soil or before it?
  2. Blue and red for flowring

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    Thanks! So, I can't use red light for seedling, but if they will become older a bit (1-2 weeks?) can I switch on the red for mixed spectrum growing? I have only autoflowers if its matter.

    One more question: I have 125w cfls. At the very beginning, if I put the bulb as close as it possible (without burning them) won't they get too much light? You know they are just emerge and 125w blue light... or I don't need to worry about it?

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