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Which type of high did I have?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Untouchable 50, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I smoked about a bowl of some good shit, but ibwas wondering if I had more of an indica or sativa high

    I was finding myself singing to music and more "to the beat"
    I felt it more in my face, like I was more tired
    had better thoughts than usual

    my guess is sativa, but then again I don't know so that's why I came here
  2. Sounds like sativa. The big thing to look for is the "couch-lock" where you don't want to get up or move. That's a clear cut sign you're smoking indica, on the other hand if you're very lively and energetic that's sativa.

    Also, don't turn into one of those kids who buys weed, takes a picture, then puts it on here for us to tell him if it's sativa or indica. Not saying you will, just preventing it if there was any chance of it.

    For the most part you can't tell unless you're buying it from a dispensary or you have a reliable dealer.
  3. Yea you are probably right on with sativa, seemed like it was more of that "mind" high.
  4. Lmao thanks guys, I gotta get some more of this shit
  5. buy stuff with strain names so you know what high your getting

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