Which Type Of Drug Goes Best With Weed?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MrMoney, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I'd have to say I enjoy opiates and weed as my favorite, with benzos coming in at a close second. I love to mix all three though!:)
  2. Any drug goes great with weed.

  3. Oxycotin or vicodin and weed is really good. Xanax and weed is straight.

  4. seconded
  5. Except the ones that speed you the fuck up. I used to have these tweaker friends, cool pad to chill at, but they hardly ever bought weed so when I'd bring mine I'd have 6 tweakers feigning for my marijuana and I'd calmly tell them to back the fuck off because they're tweaked out of their goddamn gourd and it won't do anything good to them.
  6. Psychedelics for sure.
  7. i agree with mr money 100% hahaha

    i was about to click benzos but i clicked op's instead

    yea mixing all 3 is amazing
  8. opiates and tree,that's all i have to say,all tho smoking a blunt while on some good cid is just magical
  9. Definately psychedelics. With most drugs I like to experiance the effects by itself, but I dont think I've ever done a psychedelic without smoking some weed somewhere along the way - It really boosts the experiance.
  10. weed+coke
    yes! that has to be the best combo ever. you're still chill from the weed, but you feel alert from the coke.
    if you wanna really chill though, weed+DXM...the ultimate relaxation.
  11. Cannabis and benzodiazapines OR Cannabis and alcohol
  12. i love blazing when im rolling balls, takes you to a new place and totally changes the high

    and of course blazin on shrooms or cid is the shittttttttt
  13. I love to sip lean when smoking a blunt....or sometimes take some hydrocodone. :smoke:
  14. :faceplam:
  15. Maybe it's fun if you have some good coke, and a low tolerance to weed.. Other than that I'd say it's the worst combo, almost like they counter-act each other leaving you almost sober but fiending for more coke

  16. :laughing::laughing::laughing::hide:

    not even close!

  17. for sure.
  18. Opiates and weed is my favorite combo.
    I love melting into my chair, feeling euphoric, and/or noddin.
  19. Opiates for sure. Ill rail an OC80 and smoke some bowls any day. Opiates are proven to be potentiated by marijuana and they have AMAZING synergy. I start noddin 10 times harder after I blaze. Ecstacy might have won for me but it wasnt on the poll
  20. Opiates are without a doubt the most synergistic. Oxy and high quality kb is damned near spiritual.

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