which syn to get?

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  1. whatsup guys, i was just shopping for a new bong. i plan on buying a syn. So far i really like the micro showerhead, but the fullsized showerhead also looks pretty fucking cool. Which syn piece do you guys recommend? im not looking at any other brands btw, only syn.
  2. Depends for what. The fullsize is going to be great for plant since it has a bit more diffusion since there are more slits, and it's going to have a good amount of volume for those milky hits. The micro is probably the better concentrate piece though, and it just seems a little beefier when you compare them. Obviously the micro will be more portable as well. I'd say go with the micro for the versatility, but you can't really go wrong with either.
  3. I've heard really good things about the micro, and would be interested in one myself if I had the money for it (but buying dank is a little more important right now). I can't speak to the full size. I'm sure it's killer, but I'd go with the micro. I doubt you'll regret it.
  4. The micro will definitely have more flavor and is obviously easier to transport. if you dab a lot or are planning on taking the bong to friends' etc, I'd get a micro. otherwise, full size.

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