Which supplier of Alibaba is most recommended to buy Quantum Bord?

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Which supplier of Alibaba is most recommended to buy Quantum Bord?

  1. Meijiu

    3 vote(s)
  2. KingBrite

    9 vote(s)
  3. Bava

    1 vote(s)
  4. Geeklight

    2 vote(s)
  5. Yuanhui

    2 vote(s)
  6. another supplier

    0 vote(s)
  1. Which supplier of Alibaba is most recommended to buy Quantum bord?
  2. I suggest allowing multiple selections.
  3. I hear the most about Kingbright. Also called Shenzhen.
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  4. I deal with Alwen Peng at Bava and have never had a bad experience
  5. Half of the companies on Ali have Shenzhen in their name as it is a major city with a total economic output ranked 3rd behind Beijing and Shanghai. If I wasn't familiar with that city - prolly woulda started to confuse the hell outta me lol. Most of the lights and hardware we order from Ali is coming straight out of the Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP)

    Meiju - you will find many vocal critics of these guys, enough for me to steer clear

    Kingbrite- so far seems many happy customers reported as much here. be mindful of their shipping charges, iumo can seem a bit high on some of their listings

    BAVA - can't speak much about, have not seen any negative

    Geeklight - new company, only been around a few months, they might be amazing but I did not consider them or any vendor with less than 3 years on Alibaba.

    Yuanhui - happy with purchase. It would appear I am the only one who has bought from them and commented about on these forums. still the best bang for your buck on Ali but I've recently seen a few vendors drop their prices and come close
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  6. those quantum board are similar to hlg? in performance ?
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  7. I recently purchased my quantum board from niemiled.com, they had the best prices and the customer service was super responsive. I received my 260 watt light 3 days after order. The light itself is really well made and I'm super happy with it. They even have the brand new lm301h diodes
  8. I ordered from Kingbrite myself, and assembled a kit from Yuanhui for a friend. Kingbrite actually included instructions, and screws and drilled holes to mount the driver to the heatsink. Yuanhui did not.

    Future orders I make will be to Kingbrite.
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  9. If you get a company that sells legit products they are the exact same diodes and drivers so identical performance basically. In fact most it's likely that one of those companies built HLG's boards for a time or still does.
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  10. That is too bad, mine was plug and play with wago's. Which kit was it? I was thinking of testing their linear lm301h's.
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  13. 20190622_133438.jpg These come with dimmers, remote, drivers, wires, pre-mounted and ready to grow.
    And for 200 bucks, you got over 240 watts I have 3 of those kits and a bud of mine has 4 of em'.

    Lets see what the little 65's do....
  14. 2- 65s over every two plants does me just fine - average 2-3 ounces per plant after dry, cure and clean
    and I got 8 lights for under 400 dollars with drivers
  15. That ain't bad.
    I'm in a illegal state, 4 plants misdemeanor 5 or more felony
    So I want as much as possible. I've been getting 2lbs every 60 days or so with the Barney Farms LSD.
    I think it's 24% and a good heavy yield, about 8 ozs per plant in a 5x5x6.5 tent.
    I thinking about getting a bigger tent, if so I can spread em' out and get around 10 zips per plant, maybe more.
  16. Hello guys, very good information on here thank you.

    I normally grow in a 4x4 in a nft gt205. I'm planning on running 1 plant in sn nftgt205 and have 2 plants in there total. I was thinking going with 4 boards total draw 480 to cover both plants or do you guys think 2 boards will be enough. Looking to veg at least 4 weeks and in nft they get big pretty quick.

    Below is the one I'm looking at or going half with the 2 boards.

    Source HLG 550 V2 Samsung lm301b led grow light 288 quantum board grow tent kits for indoor plants on m.alibaba.com

    Please advise. Thank you in advance for your help.

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