Which substance gave you the most powerful experience?

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    By powerful I mean spiritual, transcendent, religious, philosophical, etc. - whatever struck you to your core. Perhaps "life-transforming" is the best word?

    Feel free to share what the essence of the experience was, although if it's personal it's personal and that's chill.

    Hmm... I missed cocaine/crack. Well, just choose other if it's that one. :)
  2. Is this only about which gives you the most religious experience, or which twists reality the most? I'm an atheist lol.

    Also, I can see this turning into a very big, interesting thread.
  3. Zat waz ze plan.
  4. my ayahuasca experience. hands down.
  5. I've only smoked weed....haven't tried any other substance and I completely blow my mind every time I get high. Every time for me it feels like a super powerful philosophical experience where I can visualize both imagination and reality at its most fundamental level. I feel as though I can answer any question through logic alone and because of this I see patterns and make connections that are seemingly impossible while sober. The higher I get the more my mind races and wanders.
  6. For sure. Marijuana is incredibly centering. And the center is the basis of all momentum.
  7. Psilocybin for me. No other substance has come close in terms of realizations during the experience and overall positive impact on my life. I enjoy LSD, but it just never seems to have the same positive impact on me that psilocybin does.

    That may change in the future however because my current experience is quite limited, having only done psilocybin, LSD, Salvia, and Marijana. Planning to try mescaline in the future, as well as DMT/ayahuasca eventually and hopefully various RC's if I can ever find a connect which seems unlikely around here, most have never even heard of them.
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    Wow, this is quite intriguing. I'd love to hear a little about the PCP experience. It was one of those drugs I feared but wanted to try. If it comes my way maybe I'll do a little.

  9. shrooms no doubt
  10. This was actually a toss up between shrooms and marijuana. Marijuana has definately been more prominent in the ushering in of philosophical thought, but mushrooms...

    Well, I guess mushrooms showed me that this reality isn't quite as stable as I had thought. Viewing space differently than what it was in "reality". I also disassociated from my body (ie: took a while to recognize that the arm i was looking at was mine, and i really had to think to be able to move it)

    These types of things have shown me that this experience isn't what it seems...
  11. I am still rather limited in experience, but I'd have to say DXM for now.

    The feeling when the primal instincts dissolve the self and take control, removal of rational thought, and thrown into a void of abstract concepts. It is rather hard to describe....

    (To be exact, it was a cannabis/DXM combination)
  12. this was between dxm and mushrooms for me

    But I will have to go with mushrooms, I always try meditation before tripping and clearing my mind, and I always have mind blowing deep thoughts and really enjoy myself. Such a great thing for gaining more understanding of your life and current events around you, plus, who wouldn't want to view the world in an entirely new way for a few hours.... its like every object sparks astonishment in your mind. A simple desk sparks imagination in your mind like would occur upon setting eyes on the statue of liberty for the first time.
  13. I chose MDMA as I haven't experienced with alot of the drugs on that list yet. MDMA definitely gave me some interesting perspectives.
  14. Salvia for sure,my trip was a total mind fuck and I didnt even remember most ofd it, its like you go into another world. Ive done mushrooms and LSD a bunch of times and some opiates, but nothing will ever compare to Salvia Divinorum.
  15. Havn't tried anything else but E, weed and booze but E was definately the most amazing experience ever, 3 strong pills in one night gave me the most intense uphoria i've ever experienced.
  16. for me it was a toss between mushrooms and salvia..but i chose salvia because it got me out of a bad depression last time i used it. it was such an enlightening experience for me.
  17. choosing between marijuana (first few times/effect on me over the years) shrooms (apprx 20 trips) and LSD (3 trips) was very hard. I voted LSD.

    Those three i could combine for 1st. 2nd would be close between MDMA or strong opiates
  18. I haven't done too much but i took LSA with friends and then smoked cones. It was amazing. We talked all nuight, and it was the most amazing thing ever.

  19. Only had one full-on LSA trip... mostly it was nauseating. :p

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