Which style ashcatcher do you prefer?

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  1. I need to pick up a new ashcatcher in the upcoming week(my roor one broke), and now comes the question, which style do you prefer?

    im really trying to decide between a multiple arm downstem(like a treetop perc), or an inline style one? What would be the benefit to either one?

    Or, would i be better off just sticking with a regular single downstem ashcatcher?

    hopefully this makes sense, ate an edible earlier and just finished smoking a bowl of chemdawg :smoke:

    thanks in advance!!

  2. I would go with either a showerhead or inline. I'm just not a big fan of tree-style ash catchers.

    How much are you looking to spend?
  3. completely forgot about showerhead ashcatchers, haha

    was looking to keep under $150(cheaper the better too, im just looking for clear glass, nothing worked)

    how do inlines and showerheads hit? never hit either style
  4. I went with a Kind Creations inline AC for 150. You can get the mouth piece to turn it into a bubbler for another 20 as well. The thing is quality and milks up really nice. Also looks cool to so that doesnt hurt the cause =)
  5. well, I would go with a showerhead personally
  6. Inline is the way to go.
  7. go with an inline from ssfg. you can get a non worked one for 90.
  8. ^ That.

    Or a Hedman showerhead. Both are great. What kind of tube are you looking to put it on?
  9. I can pretty much guarantee you'll be satisfied with a nice inline, preferably a nice ssfg, you wont regret it.:smoke::smoke:
  10. thanks guys, im gonna look into the ssfg inlines after i check out some local shops to see what they have first

    its gonna be going on a 16" royalty 8 arm perc tube
  11. Agreed with all the people commenting about SSFG inlines, I'm gettine mine sometime next week!
  12. inlines have a lot more diffusion. will probably add some drag but if your tube already rips you shouldnt have a problem. next would be disc. trees are great and all but cant deny that inlines and trees have more percs..and in the end thats what you should be getting along with quality
  13. Hedman Headies showerhead rapes SSFG inline, I have both, just sayin'...
  14. Get a Vertigo Glass Circulator (Showerhead) AC for $150
  15. SSFG inline for sure, i hit one last weekend and i'm definitely getting one to compliment my SB.

    PS, @Romain, getting rid of the everest already? :eek:
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    check your rep

    Showerheads/circs are the best but I think they depend on how the A/C will be angled in order for them to diffuse optimally. Inlines do not matter regarding the angle although the long stem with slits varying in distance does not diffuse perfectly either. Both are good but it kind of depends on what you're rocking for a tube, although the differences are minimal in terms of being smooth are minimal.

    Both require a lot of maintenance in order to keep the small diffuser holes clean so don't function the best for an ash catcher but its mostly personal preference
  17. and if its too hard to decide....go with a carbon filter
  18. yeah carbon filters are good for smaller tubes or ones that have more than enough diffusion as it is. theyre usually a lot cheaper too.

    im getting a tube with a fixed circ downstem so a showerhead AC seems kind of excessive to me, so I actually am thinking about a standard carbon filter as well
  19. inlines are sick.
    and so am i.

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