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Which strains have you tried and which one is your favorite

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by makip, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Been smoking for less than a year so haven't tried much

    Sour Diesel
    Cali Kush
    Super Silver Haze
    Orange Kush

    And honestly I would have to say my favorite is between the Cali kush and the Silver Haze (one very strong indica one very strong sativa)
  2. Northern Lights
  3. I've tried to many to put on here but my fave has always been white widow always puts me on my level
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    Smoked wayyyyyyyy to many strains to name them all, but I'll name some of my faves:

    Blue Dream
    OG Kush
    Bubba Kush
    Super Grape Ape
    Green Ape
    Strawberry Diesel
    Sour Diesel
    Mango Kush
    Blueberry Fuego

    Out of all the strains I listed, the Bubba Kush that I had was the best weed I could ever get. 40 bucks for 9 grams (that's less than 5 dollars a g, like wtf?!?) also it was the best visually appealing bud I have ever seen. Got me so high I started to not like it lol. I would always pass out after smokin a joint of it. All I can say is that bubba was a 10/10 for sure. The guy got a new batch of the bubba, but its no where near as good as it was when I got the first batch, but its joog, so no complaining from me lol.

    Edit: When I heard the guy got more bubba I bought an o for 120, and when I saw it was a different batch, I was a little sad I'm not gonna lie lol.
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    Too many to name but my favs.....

    Bruce Banner
    Golden Goat
    Death Star (Sensi x Sour D) Very strong
    Glass Slipper
    C4 (Chemdawg #4) Instant high
    Purple Urkel
    Blue Dream
    Merlins Dream? or just Merlin
    Northern Lights #5
    And almost forgot.....DJ shorts Blueberry....mmmm
  6. Tried:

    Master kush
    Northern lights
    Afghan kush
    Super sour diesel
    Cotton candy
    Blue cheese
    Flo Green crack
    Blue dream
    God's gift
    Bubba kush

    Favorite: not sure indecisive
  7. Ive tried

    Alaskan Kush
    Pineapple Kush
    Mr.Nice Guy
    Purple Haze
    Tropical Kush
    Orange Kush
    Blue Cheeze
    Strawberry Kush
    Sour Og
    Og Kush
    Blue Dream
    Purple Platinum Kush
    Sour Diesel
    And more but my favorite would be Alaskan Kush
  8. Been about a year for me:
    White Dream
    White Widow
    Buddha Tahoe OG
    Skunk #1/#2
    OG Kush #18
    Sweet Tooth
    Orange Kush
    Pure Kush

    Favorite would be the OG18 or the Sweet Tooth, they both taste amazing and give incredible highs.
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    out of the above id have to say super silver haze
    although sour d comes in literally right below it

    ive had alot oof no names but the names ive had at

    super silver haze
    candy kush
    ak 47
    sour diesel
    durban poisin
    afghan kush
    blackberry kush
    purple erkle
    grape ape
    blue dream
    mr nice guy

    and some others i cant think of at the moment

    but the blue dream, purple erkle, and durban poisin were my favorites

  10. I like White Widow but I got a free sample .5 gram of NL and really liked it. Going to buy some next time I'm at the store.
  11. Blue Dream
    Bruce Banner
    White Widow
    Mr. Nice Guy
    Tijuana Kush
    Mauii Waui
    Sour Diesel
    Super Lemon Haze
    Hindu Kush
    LA Confidential
    Wonka's Bubbalicious

    Favorite: Wonka's Bubbalicious - visually appealing, the high was fantastic - the perfect hybrid (I believe)
  12. tried:

    skunk #1
    kali mist
    UK cheese
    jack herer
    lemon haze
    big bud

    my favourite out of the above would have to be the kali mist. such a unique high
  13. Grandaddy and NorthernLights

    Og Kush for uplifting .

    Smoked a .5 of DevilsHaze and GodsBud on 2 separate occasions and HOLY SHIT
  14. Dragon Og
    Sticky icky og
    Liquid Cocaine
    Poison Og
    Pineapple express
  15. #1)DJ's Blueberry
    #2) Hindu Kush

    The past 5 years I've tried many, can't remember it all; but:

    Snoop Dogg
    Skywalker OG
    Cherry Crack
    Green Crack
    THC Bomb
    LA Confidential
    Northern Lights
    Big Bud
    Kush OG
    White widow
    Pre '98 Bubba
    Grape Ape
    Purple Urkel
    Jack Herrer
    Blue Dream
    Tahoe OG
    OG Swerdlow
    Neville's Haze
    Prez OG
    3 Kings
    others, I cannot think of, or never knew. I hang out with mmj activists. Some of the best bud in the world is worth the work to legalize.
  16. probably a whole lot! i'll see what i can name off the top of my head. 1. cheese 2. purple kush 3. girl scout cookies 4. purple urkle 5. chocolate. my favorite depends on what aspect of the herb your looking at. my favorite for taste is cheese all the way! my favorite for effects is GSC no doubt.
  17. Forgot a couple more

    Jock horror
    La confidential
    Mr. Nice guy
    Bubble gum kush
    Mr. Nice
  18. #18 JetxLife86, Feb 23, 2013
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    Courtesy of my local dispensary..

    Jack Hererer
    Blue Dream
    Green Crack
    Platinum OG Kush
    Cherry Pie Kush
    White Widow
    Blackberry Kush
    Banana Kush
    Sour Diesel
    Super Silver Haze
    Super Lemon Haze
    Catpiss (found in Oakland, potent stuff that literally smells like the name)
    OG Skunk
    Granddaddy Purp
    Alaskan Thunderfuck
    Durban Poison
    LA Confidential

    My favorite strains has to be Trainwreck, Blue Dream, Cookies, Green Crack, or OG Kush.

    I will say that white widow, sour diesel, or jack herer has been the absolute BEASTS of strains for me.
  19. So far I've tried...hmm..

    Lemon Haze,
    Death Cheese,
    OG Kush,
    Master (or maybe king?) Kush,
    Pineapple Express,
    Strawberry White Widow,
    and Liberty Haze.
    I think there are probably a bunch I'm forgetting :rolleyes: but my favorite is between Strawberry White Widow and Liberty Haze. My favorite tasting one is definitely Lemon Haze, though.

    Happy toking! :smoking:
  20. Blue Dream
    BC Bud
    Blue Cheese

    Hempstar or BD is my top pick. :)

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