which strain?

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  1. yo so i was wondering which strain has the shortest time span from when you plant it to when it can be harvested? :smoking:
  2. There's a strain called Top 44 that is harvested 44 days in flower.
  3. Look up autoflowering strains such as lowryder, they can go from seed to harvest in around 9-10 weeks.
  4. what he said
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    yup lowryder. Ive seen em short but real fat and they have advanced growth genetics. Indoors you can keep it on the 24 hour cycle its whole life into flowering and can grow from sprout to harvest in eight weeks!
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    Its very dank too.
  7. word what do you think would do better outdoors at high elevations top 44 or low Ryder?
  8. i'd go with top44. heard good things about lowryder but then again i've heard just as much bad things about lowryder and autoflowering strains

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