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Which strain would you prefer?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dr Cuddles, May 23, 2010.

  1. Picking up from a new guy tonight, curious which strain you think I should pick up, prices are pretty much the same.

    Red City Diesel
    Bubba Kush
    Vanilla Kush
    Orange Cali Kush

  2. I'd pick up the Vanilla Kush.
  3. bubba all the way
  4. ask him what smokes best. then get him to split the bag with 2 kinds.
  5. Buy all of them in smaller amounts. Sample them. Choose the one you like the best That's what I do. I have some samples coming next week to try out.
  6. ^this.
  7. Ended up getting 1/4th of Bubba and Vanilla, mainly because I have tried a bit of both other the others. Got to love BC bud. This guy REALLY hooked me up. Thanks for the replies! Definably will try and get a bunch of sample bags next time I want to try some new strains.
  8. Will we be receiving pics of these samples? :smoke:
  9. I would ask him what he recommends.
    See all the strains up front, see which one looks/smells the nicest.

    Edit: I just realized you had already made your choice.
    Oh well, maybe the advice above will help someone else :smoke:

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