Which Strain to Scrog?

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  1. Im gonna get the hydrofarms Digital Sunburst 400w with MH and HPS bulbs.
  2. you can scrog any strain, and it will always increase your yield if done correctly
  3. well heres my idea. i have a 2'7" x 2'7" growlab. I would 4 way LST them in 5 gal buckets using a 400w MH for veg, then make a scrog screen out of speaker wire or string using the frame of the tent as my frame for the screen. Then use a 400w HPS light after they are ready to flower. what size holes do you think i should use in the screen?
  4. 3x3 inches should be good, dont really need to do a 4 way lst if your going to be scroging as that will be your main way of LSTing
  5. how high should the screen be made above the pots? how should i train them when they are young? i thought LSTing would be the best way to train them for they would fill up my screen.
  6. you dont really need to do any training when there young, when the plant is about a month old you can put the screen ontop of it. how high that screen should be depends on the plant size, it will probobly be about 1ft above the pots for your grow space
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    would the higher the screen the more yeild? i have a 6 ft height limit. any toping/fiming? wouldnt a 4 way lst help to fill up the screen to really increase yeild?
  8. oh i thought u only had 3ft of grow room, with 6ft your probobly going to have it about 2ft above the pots, lsting wont help fill it up really, it will do that just fine without any. Definetly will want to top it atleast once too
  9. alright maybe ill mix it up 1 lst'ed and the others toped. Did you see that the super lemon haze can get 1000 gr/plant???
  10. lol dont ever beleave what the breeders say about yield, you will never get 1000 grams from a plant, especially indoors. a more realistic guess would be 4-6 ounces a plant if using a 400w system
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    yeah i wanna get as much as possible out of these. would doing an lst with a scrog give me even more?
  12. you do know what 1000g/ m2,sg means right?
  13. Dude, do yourself a favor. Read up up on the tecnique that you wish to try. And stop asking stupuid questions.

    Any strain can be grown SCROG. All you have to do is train it to do what you want it to do.

    Whatever the space you have, is the space you are going to have to work with. If you want a bigger space than you are going to need to increase tyhe are that you wish to use..

    I hope this makes sense to you.
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    is this the question you think is stupid? I only had one hopefully good answer to it.

    im starting to believe your sig charon.
    it almost makes sense and ive read alot. and i know that some strains you get the most yield with a scrog and others you get the most by not doing a scrog. some strains doing a scrog is a bad idea. although i dont think i have any of those strains.

    But what i havent found to read yet was HOW you train a young plant to eventually spread out over the screen. ive been told that doing a 4 way LST was the best, and ive been told not to do any training except to top them once or twice.
    i thought doing a LST + scrog would help the plant fully fill up the screen, but maybe not.
    any answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I honestly I dont think there would be too much of a difference whether or not you LST them. BUT you should take two clones off the same mother and do a side by side grow and see if you can actually notice a difference. People post a lot of bull shit that works for them online. Doesn't mean they actually tested any of it well. Just cause you grew two plants of the same strain from seed doesn't mean they are genetically equal. You see? So there is a ton of bad advice out there imo you shouldnt be satisfied until you've tested it. But look up 4 way training methods it involves LSTing, HST, LST, and ScrOGing a plant to maximize yield. But you have to know how to correctly perform each method.

    My advise? Just ScrOG on your first grow. Its the hardest to fuck up and its what will increase your yield the most.
  16. ok. just top them a few times and they will bush up and spread out over the screen?
  17. Yup I'd top em once after the 7th set personally and then let them turn into monsters from there
  18. ok that clears it up. i just didnt want them to grow straight up and not even spread out.
  19. If you don't want to directly answers someones question, just dont hit the Reply button. I hope this makes sense to you. (Where do you think he's going to end up, when/if he follows your advice and "reads up/researches" this topic on the internet? i betcha it'll be in a forum similar to GC, if not GC itself. That's what these sites are all about, building information through questions, advice, and suggestions. I hope this makes sense to you.)
    Albeit, it may be true that "all strains SCROG", because you can scrog all kinds of plants, not just MJ.. but certain strains have certain growing needs and characteristics to them, that might make one growing technique more beneficial than another. For example: I had a LA Woman from a freebie pack, that was MUCH better grown in a SOG technique, than a SCROG. It preferred growing with one main (huge) cola, and when i did attempt to SCROG a clone from it, the canopy took FOREVER to even out, it had a style not really "stretching" enough, for the slower bud sites to catch up to the others already being tucked under the screen. I hope this makes sense to you.
    I say AK47 ftw....

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