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  1. i live in orlando, florida and i am planning on planting outside by the end of this month. this will be my first time growing and i am confused about which strains to pick. i would like to grow 2-3 strains. i read that at this time of year in florida it would be best to plant a mainly sativa strain. so my question is what is a amazing satvia strain that is pretty easy to grow and what is a good seed bank to buy from. THANKS
  2. damn man who dosent live in florida! i kno i do!
    i want to plant some C99 or some real good haze, i like the trippy shit mannn
  3. yeah i just moved to florida from new orleans. i can't find anyone who sells c99 though.
  4. im destine to grow sweet dreams. lol in fl also, prob indoor, anyone know who sells sd seeds?
  5. whoa so there are so many people from florida on this fourm. i just moved here from new orleans and will be starting school next week and i was afraid that no one here would smoke. after looking at this site my fears have gone away and i am convinced that i will make many new stoner friends.
  6. hell yeah man everyone in florida blazes!

    (it issss the land of flowers :) )
  7. The only place I've seen that sells C99 is hempdepot.ca.

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